Why I miss weight as a frequent traveler

Before I started working for myself in 2021, I wasn’t much of a go-getter. And now that I’m a full-time freelance writer, little project jaunts are constantly popping up on my calendar. On top of that, being in my early 30s means I also have a full schedule of weddings, bachelorette parties, and outings with distant friends. So far in 2023 alone, I’ve traveled from New York City to California, Utah, Texas, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. It’s safe to say that my bag has definitely gotten a workout, but Away Bigger carry bags I have never failed.

I should start things off by noting that I grew up in a family where checking bags was a rare luxury. Even as an adult, I try to use the bag as much as possible. After all, I don’t like paying a bag fee, waiting for baggage claim, or worrying about what I’m going to lose every time I travel. And when I travel on Amtrak, which I do often, I don’t bring a large bag unless absolutely necessary, because there’s less storage space than the overhead storage.

That said, investing in a backpack that I really love has made my travels much more efficient and enjoyable.

Check out my bag

Every time I go into an airport, I always see a few people walking around with small suitcases and wondering what on earth they managed to put in them. ‘There. The briefcase – since it’s so easy to lift into the upper rooms – I’m not alone. So when I saw This bag is heavy on the Away website, I was confident that it was big enough to hold all my essentials, and I was right.

The interior is spacious and expandable, so whenever I treat myself to a little shopping while traveling, I never have to worry about being able to bring back everything I find. This bag can hold a ton. The interior also includes a small mesh bag that I often use to put shoes or gym clothes on my way. When I go home, I like to fill this section with any clean clothes and put the dirty ones in the main room.

The bag also has a small pocket on the front, which is small but can hold a few papers or long and thin items like hair straighteners or curling irons. I usually pack my hair tools last, so I like that I can easily throw them in this room and go without carrying the contents of the bag.

But what I love most about my Away bag is not how much it holds. Instead, I can’t afford this bag because it’s so light. As someone who lives in a loft, I am always afraid of carrying heavy boxes up and down the stairs. Lifting this suitcase is not necessary, even when it is full (for reference, the suitcase weighs only 7.4 kg when empty).

Last but not least, the wheels on this bag work well. When I walk through the airport, I like to push my bag to the side instead of dragging it behind me, and doing this is not a problem.

If you’re looking to boost your travel needs this year, take my word for it order this bag. You’ll thank yourself later when packing and going through the airport is a breeze!

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