What to wear for a relocation interview

Sometimes it’s still hard to believe, but somewhere along the line, virtual job interviews became completely and utterly normal. I personally completed a virtual interview for my current full-time job and help interview others over Zoom.

Whether you have completed a virtual interview before or are completely new to the process, the opportunity is, there are a number of components about experience that give you some anxiety and send you down the rabbit hole of that – look for the best. virtual interview tips. As you carry on your resume, raise your chances for natural light, try your WiFi connection for the umpteenth time, one thing you will want to pay attention to is your interview outfit.

Despite the fact that work-from-home clothing tends to be casual (OK, like, of course normal), it is still important to dress appropriately and smartly when interviewing for Zoom. While you can video call from your dining room table (please, don’t interview from your couch), it’s important to treat the interview as you would both if it is done by yourself.

Thankfully, this is far from rocket science, and there are a few pieces of clothing that will get you well on your way to dressing for success (Zoom job interview).

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Obviously, when you dress for a job interview, your most important parts (in other words, the ones that demand your attention the most) are the ones that are worn from the waist up. : up and down. That being said, putting together a professional outfit can help you feel more prepared for the interview and put you in the “job” mindset. In other words, don’t wear a button-up with a pair of sweatpants – your knowledge may not be ready if you send it a lazy date. As silly as it sounds, make sure you also wear shoes. I promise it’s a lot harder to mentally bring your A game if you’re barefoot.

Although it’s far from the “norm” I wear makeup and formal clothes every day at my WFH job. Even though I work in an office, I see that dress for my remote work helps me stay focused and motivated throughout the work day. In fact, when interviewing for my current job, I vividly remember pairing a turtleneck with a blazer and a pair of heels. Doing so made me feel as prepared as possible for future interviews.

Although there are many options and outfit combinations you can turn to when preparing your virtual interview, these no-fail pieces can start.

Above the button together

When it comes to the best pullover shirts, button down tops take the cake. They are an important building block in the professional wardrobe of a collar designer – capable of telling a fashion story, even when your camera is only showing from a high angle shot. I personally love button-downs because of their versatility; they can be worn as-is or paired with a blazer, cardigan, or sweater, depending on your workplace dress code, company culture, or the occasion you’re dressing for (interview vs. meeting and employees).


While it may seem like overkill—sitting in your kitchen sink wearing a blazer—this tells the interviewer one important thing: I mean business. Layer your blazer over a shirt, button down, or bodysuit for a winning interview look. I guarantee that hiring managers will appreciate the effort you put into presenting yourself in a positive way. Plus, blazers can give you confidence in ways that others don’t.

Neutral devices

An accessory or two can really elevate a shirt by helping it feel more complete. When it comes to virtual interviews, reach for neutral pieces that won’t draw attention to the content of your answers – which should always remain the star of the show. A simple headband, a pair of well-fitting bell bottoms, or beautiful jewelry are a no-fail option when it comes to rocking your moving interview look. Aside from drawing your eyes together (and/or keeping your hair out of your face), these parts show your efforts to the interviewers, which is not a bad thing.


A top team should not have a laser collar to be considered professional. There are a variety of shirts to choose from that give off the professional vibe you’re looking to channel before (almost) walking into your interview. Due to the variety of colors and prints that you can find across this type of clothing, consider relying on this option if you are asking questions about creative situations (such as work and graphic design). Just be sure to avoid overly busy schedules that can lead to distraction. If you don’t know which direction to take, reach for a neutral color, which is always a good choice.

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Body + Blazer + Shirt

Classics are classics for a reason. If you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, stick to the winning combination of a blazer and a pair of trousers. This combination of energy can put you in the right frame of mind for your interview, giving you a sense of confidence in communication and a level of competence. Finishing off the look with a pair of shoes is the symbolic cherry on top.

A matching dress + heels

Dress shirts are timeless office clothes. Although you can pair your outfit with shoes, heels, or a dress, I personally don’t know anything that makes me feel more powerful than a pair of shoes. Go for both heels to get your rights. Simple earrings add to the look, and will improve your face without thinking about your interview.

Button down + dress + pearl earrings

Button-down buttons are sleek and stylish. Style it with a midi skirt (which is comfortable to sit on) and a pair of slingback kitten heels that will make you feel confident from where they are under the table.

Tie-Neck Shirt + Blazer + Black Jeans

If you’re not the type to dress up, a tie-neck shirt can be another great, professional option. Team it with a black blazer, jeans, and a pair of loafers for a great business-casual look.

A Jumpsuit + Headband + Shoes

If you’re the do-it-yourself type of person, then a professional jumpsuit could be the perfect solution for your next recruitment interview. Style it with a flowing headband to add visual interest to the look.

Women’s dress + pants + gold

For a sophisticated preparation, grab a women’s jacket as your centerpiece. Someone with a metal or gemstone button can add a touch of flair to an ensemble without distracting the work manager. A pair of gold rings enhances the quality of this understated look and says that this interview is far from your first rodeo.

Inspired Cardigan + Tank Top + Black Dress

I’ll admit, pop culture has led me to develop an undying love of the academic genre (I’m a millennial who grew up watching Harry Potter and recently finished my first hour of Gilmore Girls—I know, I know .) Layer an academic cardigan over a high-waisted tank top and long pants. A pair of playfully inspired heels.

Button Up + Sweater Vest + Leather Leggings

If you want to spice up your shirt, consider adding a sweater. Keep your Zoom interview outfit sophisticated and comfortable with a pair of leather leggings and some trendy ballet flats.

One Black Turtleneck + Necklace + Claw Clip

Turtlenecks, in their beautiful simplicity, have a way of saying, “I know what I’m doing.” Style a smart black turtleneck with a timeless neckline to communicate a sense of maturity and a pair of shorts to show you mean business. (Who has time to keep pulling hair out of their face? Not this girl).

Sleeveless shirt + Statement necklace

If you’re interviewing during the warmer months and tend to sweat from stressful situations (no worries, no judgment here), then a sleeveless shirt can come to your fashion rescue. you. Accents that lift the eyes and eyes convey a sense of confidence.

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