What shoes to wear with wide feet

Fashion is cyclical in nature; once a style or practice has risen in popularity, it is sure to do so again. After ten strong years of jeans and leggings dominating the fashion world every day, it is only logical that the popularity of these styles will be negative and large silhouette. Think wide leg pants.

I also love wide leg pants—and what’s not to love? On top of making a statement, they are also very stylish and can be customized in many ways. But let’s be honest: After years of reaching for the perfect, skinny style, jumping into the unknown can be scary when it comes to wearing pants. While the prospect of creating new looks and emerging trends is exciting, it can be difficult to know where to start.

The good news? Making wide leg pants is a cinch. Where it is necessary, knowing the shoes to be combined with these floors can make dressing in the morning easier. Keep reading for a collection of shoes that are perfect for pairing with trousers and denim.

5 shoes fit well with wide leg length

Whether you’re talking about wide leg jeans, shirts, or pants, your shoe options are limitless when it comes to style. That being said, there are a few types of shoes that stand out as the best choice. The drama of the silhouette created by the wide leg pants can really be done depending on the shoes you pair it with. These are some of the favorite models that can help you really rely on this process.

Flat ballet

Paired with wide leg pants, ballet flats are another trend that’s making a big comeback. The small profile of the flats adds a pleasant visual contrast if combined with uneven surfaces and can add polish back to a normal look. Since ballet flats are versatile, you can combine this dress with any number of tops, from basic tees to sweaters and shirts.


Loafers hold a special place in my heart—they really go with everything. Although I especially love the look of loafers combined with wide leg pants, you can easily combine them with high leg denim. Add a fitted top and blazer for a girly, corporate look.

Ankle boots

Between their versatility and comfort, ankle boots are hard not to love. Go into a home-style or beach style and grab a pair of toe-handled shoes. Heeled shoes are another good option. With a sense of their own power, they can rise as high as any shape.

Shoes shoes

For the perfect warm weather season, pair your pants with boots. Flip-flops can throw the vibes of the 90s, and the size of the shoes is beautiful in contrast to the silhouette of the pants. Grab a tank top for a look that will take you through the summer. Heeled shoes are another playful option and can highlight the length of your style when paired with high-waisted denim or trousers. Look for a square toe option if you’re looking to add a modern vibe.


There are few pants that cannot be paired with sneakers. Keep it classic with an all-white option or get creative and grab a more glamorous getaway. You can also consider chunky sneakers to add length to your overall look. Sneakers can work for both casual and sophisticated looks, depending on which top you choose to add to the outfit (think T-shirt and button-down).

Broad Dress Ideas

Long story short: No matter what shoes you have in your closet, you’ll have a choice or two that go well with wide-leg pants. Still hesitating which shoes to wear? Check out some outfit ideas below.

Tank top + pants + narrow shoes

clothes collage

When it comes to styling pants, your options are nearly endless. For a laid-back look that’s perfect for warmer weather, pair them with a white tank top and strappy sandals. Add a straw bag for a look that honors summer days spent strolling the boardwalk, brewed coffee in hand.

T-shirt + Jeans + Flat ballet

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If you’re looking to elevate your jeans with minimal effort, pair them with a trendy ballet flat. Add a basic neutral top, matching hair accessories, and a basket or straw bag for a warm weather French girl look.

Floral Shirt + White Jeans + Heels

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So, white jeans will always be a must for warm weather outfits. As the season changes and you dig out your water shoes, grab a pair of heeled sandals to rock with your wide leg white jeans. A modern, floral ceiling can be used to show time and add a beautiful contrast to the collection. Bring your eyes to the office during the work week and brunch on the weekends.

Shirt + Jeans + Loafers

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The perfect red shirt, loose denim, and a trusty loaf of bread. Does the outfit get more time than that? Enjoy your beautiful view while working from home, traveling, or having lunch with your friends.

The same dress + Big pants + Sneakers

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We all wear sneakers to work. A good way to get rid of it? By combining them with cargo pants. Utility fashion is trending right now and I’m here for it (I have to admit, I spent a lot of childhood hours watching “Kim Possible.”) Go with sneakers and a matching shirt. —like the dress—that can compliment the silhouette of the pants.

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