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At The Everygirl, we love to travel—and well, who doesn’t? Whether it’s visiting friends, exploring a new city, or taking some time for ourselves, there’s nothing like going somewhere new. Traveling can be the perfect way to relax your mind and grow as a person. The only part that doesn’t sound completely fantastic? Really get there. Long security lines, problems with too many bags, strangers coughing in your face, hot airplanes—we’ve all been there. The good news? Our editors are here to help with a few travel needs we swear by.

No door security here: We share all the travel essentials that will make your experience a little sweeter. Whether you’re a beginner traveler or a frequent flyer, these are travel essentials that everyone should use. Add these items to your packing list for your next trip and travel like a pro!

Travel bags and organizers

Get out


Would you like to always have your bag with you? We don’t blame you. This carrier makes rolling around the airport a breeze with its smooth wheels and comfortable grip. Bonus: it has a built-in USB port that will charge your electronics, meaning you won’t have to sit in the airport outside the bathroom just to get to where you can get it. .

6 colors available


Monitor-in Roller

This popular bag has a built-in weight detector, so you don’t have to stress about packing too much. Instead of pulling out your bathroom counter in a panic, all you have to do is lift the bag by hand and the small tab will turn green or red. Green means the suit is packed and red means it’s time to edit. This bag also has two inches of optional expansion, compression straps, and a pocket divider, so you’re ready for anything.

9 colors available


Packaging Cubes

One of the biggest challenges of traveling is fitting everything you need to bring in one bag. These stacking cubes will help you do it with ease—and many other configurations.

10+ colors available

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Leather Triple Zipper Weekender

Designed with three zippered openings and multiple interior pockets, this weekender can fit everything you need for a short trip. For long trips, slip it into your hand bag and use it as your personal item. You can also carry it in your hand, over-the-shoulder, or as a crossbody.


Weekend bag

If you’re looking for a little more organization than a standard duffel, this option is perfect for you. Just to name a few of these features: it’s waterproof, has a padded laptop insert, and has a separate zipper compartment for your shoes. This bag is the definition of smart travel.

9 colors available

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Classic Easy Tote

This leather tote will be your favorite accessory both for travel and your daily life. The only Tote you need, it can fit all your essentials (including a laptop).

8 colors available


Wallet Organizer Insert

One of the most difficult parts of traveling is staying organized—the best intentions can turn from a small bag of masks and wired headphones to a boarding pass. This organizer fits right into your bag to keep all essentials visible and easily accessible. Genius.

10+ colors available


Travel Toiletry Bag

This hanging makeup bag eliminates having to dig into the depths of a large, disorganized makeup bag that is often a travel staple. You will be able to see everything you brought and avoid opening your settings and spreading everything you brought.

10 colors available


Free speech

If you’re the type to use an entire arsenal of beauty products, you’ll want one of these. The zipper bag is lined with a special material that helps keep your beauty products at a comfortable temperature, so you can be sure to bring your complete skincare routine.


Velvet Travel Jewelry Organizer

Gone are the days when all your necklaces are tied together in a string. This high-quality velvet organizer is a lifesaver for keeping all your favorite pieces while you travel.

9 colors available


Travel Technology Coordinator

Avoid the added stress of misplacing your electronics during your travel days. Store them in a universal case that stores and protects small electronics, power adapters and memory cards.

10+ colors available

Fast travel


Travel capsules

These magnetic capsules are the perfect choice for all travel-sized toilets that float in your bag. Store everything from face serums to jewelry and never worry about them getting lost or leaking.

8 colors available


Pure silk sleep cover

This sleeping pad does the impossible: makes airplane sleep an option—yes, even if you’re in the middle seat.

7 colors available


Apple AirPods

We love AirPods for so many things when we travel, but we appreciate their ability to connect independently. This is important for when you are busy or don’t have an extra hand to connect your Bluetooth.


noise canceling headphones

You should not listen to music at high volume to destroy the sound around you. These headphones are comfortable and airy enough for sleep, noise pollution, and airplanes.

3 colors available


Faux Leather Travel Bag

Traveling involves carrying a lot of cards and cash, which means easy organization and access is essential. This case can easily fit in your pocket to keep all your cards neatly in one place.

10+ colors available


portable charger

A portable charger is perfect for travel. Keep this in your wallet and never worry about your phone dying before the flight takes off again.

6 colors available


10ft Charging Cable

Quickly charge your phone, AirPods, or iPad with this long charging cable so you don’t have to worry about sitting on the floor outside.

5 colors available


The sleeping pad has a built-in Bluetooth headset

If you have trouble sleeping on a plane, you’ll love this sleep mask. Its lightweight and comfortable design makes it easy to fall asleep and listen to your favorite music (or white noise) at the same time.

Personal matters

Summer Friday

Jet Lag Mask

This is at the forefront of our sacred skin care routine, and we can’t live without it during travel. Apply this mask when you get on the plane, and kiss dry, tired skin.


Antibacterial gloves

Airplanes are a breeding ground for germs that turn cold and spoil your trip. Cut your losses and pack these hand sanitizers for those times when you can wash your hands but don’t want to run to the tiny airplane bathroom.


High quality leggings

If we hadn’t Amazon-primed these ourselves, we’d think they were the top ones we’d often shell out money for. These are the most comfortable, flexible leggings you will ever own. Kiss your high-waisted leggings.

10+ colors available

Dr. of Scholl

Slip-On Sneaker

These sneakers are perfect for traveling – they are lightweight, easy to carry, and won’t give you any heel pain.

4 colors available


Bondi 8 running shoes

Our editors can’t stop raving about how good these shoes are. They are perfect for traveling when your trip is full of walking. Or just wear these at the airport if you need to run to catch your flight. Either way, you’ll find these shoes to be lightweight and comfortable.

10+ colors available


Steamer Travel

Bags and carriers mean messy clothes, no matter how you fold them. Never use a broken hotel iron again and meet your new best friend: this type of travel, hand-held boat.

Kristen Ess

Compact Pro Drer

You don’t have to sacrifice amazing hair when you travel. This mini dryer packs the same punch as a full-size one but is small enough to fit your carry-on.


Hair Travel Bag

This stretchy bag doubles as a travel bag for your lighters and the fabric is heat resistant, so you won’t be caught spraying restaurant towels again. In addition, the interior has a zipper and a pocket to help organize all your hair accessories in one place.

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