Walking is our favorite form of exercise – Here’s why

I’m ready to read it on the roof: I’ve finally found a form of exercise that I’ve stuck with and that I really enjoy. It’s not too strong – but it makes me happy, makes me take a look It’s good, and it’s easy to get into my system. So what is it? Walking. Yes, that’s it—just a nice long walk. I’ve long heard about the benefits of walking (and I’ve obviously gone for a walk here and there in the past), but I didn’t get into a regular routine until a few years ago.

I struggle to find motivation to exercise, and I struggle to find a type of exercise that I actually enjoy. I’ve had small bursts of getting into a routine and doing a specific workout several times a week, but I always end up feeling tired and completely losing motivation to work out.

A few years ago, I was inspired “Hot Girl Walk” trend on TikTok (which is just putting on a song that makes you confident, taking the time to show yourself, and walking a few miles) investing in good walking shoes and a fanny pack and do it for real. Now, every time I go for a walk, I come home feeling so much better and like I’ve done something great – not only for my physical health but also for my mental health.

Is walking good enough exercise?

According to the Mayo ClinicDaily walking can help your overall physical health because it can improve heart health, help maintain good health, strengthen bones, muscles, and endurance. Regular walking also has many mental health benefits: It can increase your energy, improve coordination, strengthen the immune system, and reduce stress. It can also improve your mood, intelligence, memory, and sleep. I mean seriously, what’s not to love? Experts at the Mayo Clinic also say that you should walk at least 30 minutes a day to get all the benefits of walking. You can also increase your weight by adding weights or using dumbbells or crunches.

But is walking enough exercise on its own? Stephanie Mansour, a certified personal trainer, yoga and Pilates instructor, and weight loss coach for women, says unequivocally, yes. “Walking often gets a bad rap like it’s not that hard to create a positive change or away from a more effective form of exercise. Both are false!” he told her Today’s show. In fact, many experts swear that walking is the best exercise and should be prioritized over going to the gym or intense HIIT sessions. Turn on The Blonde File Podcasta famous teacher Harley Pasternak explained that if you only have 40 minutes a day to dedicate yourself to health, you should focus on walking and exercising. When it comes to achieving any health goal, he said,Sleep and nutrition come first, walking, and then resistance training.”

Details of my itinerary

What’s wrong with my headphones?

When I first decided to try to get the best out of my trip, I decided and followed the rules of the Hot Girl Walk and listening to music that helps boost my confidence or listening to podcasts. The podcast works well because it motivates me to listen to at least one episode, ensuring that I walk well over the 30 goals per day.

I haven’t tried a guided workout, but I am they liked it and wanted to try it. Many of your favorite fitness apps offer them, and Apple Fitness+ offers workouts that have been covered by celebrities (including Dolly Parton, Nick Jonas, Misty Copeland, and many more).

My favorite playlists and podcasts:

Time and distance

I don’t focus on numbers; instead, I try to walk for a long time which makes me feel good. I would say I usually walk at least two or three times, mostly because I enjoy it so much. If I listening to podcasts, I usually walk for at least 45 minutes, but sometimes I walk for up to an hour.

At first, I didn’t think I had enough time in the day to walk for long, but the more I did, the longer my walks became. I started enjoying new walks, finding new playlists, and finding my favorite podcasts while I was walking.

How I fit it into my schedule

Adding regular exercise works for me when I don’t force myself to stick to one routine. I know having a schedule works well for some people, but I personally want the flexibility of putting it in whenever I can depending on the day. I often find that if I try to stick to something (for example, getting up before work every day and going to work), I tire myself out and feel defeated. lack of motivation when I miss a day.

Instead, I do whatever the day allows me to do. Sometimes, I do get up early in the morning and fit in a walk before work, sometimes I take a break from working at home and go for a walk during the day, and sometimes I don’t go for a walk until the evening (I think at sunset walking is underrated). I listen to my body, and because walking reduces my stress and anxiety, I walk when I feel it will be good for me.

It’s also important to note that I live in Chicago and start walking regularly in early spring, so the weather is unpredictable. If it’s rainy or cold, going indoors on a treadmill is great too! I use those times to challenge myself at different levels in the workouts and intervals.

Why does it work for me

Although walking as exercise can make an old lady-walker shiver, I honestly think it’s more beneficial than any other exercise I’ve tried. Taking long walks relaxes me, improves my energy and mood, clears my mind, and makes my body feel amazing.

Sometimes it’s hard to get out the door (like I do every workout), but as soon as I get back to my house, I feel 10 times better than when I left. I also take time for myself to think through big decisions or stressful events in my life, to be grateful, to reflect on positive changes for myself, and to take a break. Oh, and watching people and dogs is always fun.

I try to supplement my walk with other exercises when I can, like strength training, Pilates, or yoga, but like I said, I don’t force myself to do anything in particular. I think this change in routine and my commitment to listening to my body has really helped me enjoy exercise.

So if you’re like me and struggle to find exercise that you enjoy, I challenge you to lace up those sneakers, put on your headphones, strap on a fanny pack, and start walking at least 30 minutes a day. Its benefits are more than just physical, so you can find your favorite program.

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I tried the Taylor Swift Treadmill workout for a week