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Well, first things first-thank you! Getting engaged is a special time. A new beginning! And new bling! And if you find yourself feeling a little tired, you’re not alone. It’s normal to feel all the emotions—love, happiness, pride, and wonder—but stress and anxiety can also set in soon. And that’s good. This is new, and luckily, we have some great tips for you! This week goes by Every girl’s podcastJosie joins three of our editors at different stages of the engagement process to discuss everything wedding, bachelorette party, and engagements.

To make sure you start your wedding planning off on the right foot, read on for eight engagement tips to keep in mind as you begin your wedding to-do list and start this new chapter as a couple. Try not to stress. You and your new partner will be together. If you’re still feeling a little anxious, be sure to check out this week’s episode Every girl’s podcast for another.

1. Take your time and enjoy the moment

Are you up for air? Chances are, your face hurts from smiling after it’s done. The engagement bubble, floaty feeling is real-and so is the reality check that comes after. With the busy summer season just around the corner, it can seem like there are a million things to do at once, and work or family and social work may be taking a toll. more perfect than ever. Your friends and family will want to celebrate you and you probably want to jump straight into the wedding planning. It’s easy to feel torn in different directions. The best thing you can do is breathe. Then take another breath. Don’t forget the reason for this new season in your life – you’re getting married! Keep your eyes on the prize and everything else will fall into place.

2. Reach out to newlyweds

Once you start planning a wedding, you’ll realize that while it’s fun to plan your big day, it’s also a lot of work. Choosing a venue and deciding who to cut from your guest list is just the beginning of the decision making process. But don’t panic—you’re not the first person to get married, and there are plenty of people you can turn to for advice. Contact a few friends or family members who have gotten married in the past few years and ask them what they wish they did or didn’t do, and their salespeople are happy. that they liked it, what they liked most about their day, etc. to get some perspective on the process. Just be careful not to overwhelm yourself by asking too many ideas or scrolling through Bridaltok for too long – that can quickly become overwhelming and defeat the purpose of asking for help.

3. When you’re ready, hire a wedding planner

At one time, there were hundreds of brides who felt like queens, happy to get married in April (or May, or June, or July…) of 2020. Now, we won’t predict any global disaster for you and your alliance, but what lessons have we learned from the women of 2020? Call the wedding planner if the unexpected happens. On the Everygirl Podcast, our graphic designer, Kirra, shares her experience of having her wedding season recreated not once, but twice. “Through the process, the biggest difference was the wedding planner we hired,” Kirra said. “It’s an important piece of the puzzle.”

4. Create a one-on-one meeting to navigate any family issues

This is a biggie and looks different for everyone. Maybe you have an amazing relationship with your current in-laws, maybe you don’t. One thing is for sure: Once you get into the wedding planning process, things can change all the time. You are no longer a “girlfriend”; soon you will be a wife and a member of the family. Additionally, with wedding plans now on the horizon, discussions may be necessary to discuss finances, guest lists, living arrangements, and more. This can cause conflict and lead to differences of opinion or even arguments.

This is where communication is, very important! Talk to your fiancé and do everything you can to ensure you have one way of navigating any unpleasant waters or conflicts. As long as you set clear and realistic expectations and stay on the same page, everything will be fine.

5. Speaking of communication, manage your expectations with your wedding party

The bachelorette party experience has become more extravagant and exciting than ever, but with these amazing parties comes pressure for the wedding party. Turn on Every girl’s podcastOur editors have a lot to say about brides and maids of honor, but the general consensus is that communication is the key to making things cool, festive, and fun.

Whether you want your bachelorette party to be a glamorous trip to the city or just a winter getaway with friends, it’s important to communicate your intentions to the maid of honor and the groomsmen. his eyes always. When asking your friends and family to be in your wedding party (how fun!), be smart about what you expect in terms of time, money, and support.

6. Make a budget and stick to it from the start

Here’s the most exciting part of your journey as a new employee: money. Ceremony, event, registration, wedding itself – they all cost money, and often, a lot of it. Having a budget that you stick to is very important, so the sooner you and your fiancé and anyone else who can help with your wedding, the better.

Have a solid budget before you start location hunting and looking at vendors. This will help you keep reasonable expectations and avoid the stress of surprise bills down the line.

7. If you can, sleep on it

Are feelings of conflict rising a little? Is your mind racing and thinking about all the things you have left to do? Or did your future mother-in-law say something you didn’t like? Before you react, sleep on it.

The first few weeks of engagement are magical, but they are also exhausting and even a little overwhelming! It’s okay for your emotions to run high, but before you get involved in an argument or do something wrong, try to sleep on it. Sometimes a good night’s rest is all you need to wake up clear-headed and ready to make thoughtful decisions rather than impulsive or emotional ones.

8. Remember: Relationships and marriages are journeys!

With endless to-do lists and life “getting in the way,” it can be easy to lose sight of what’s most important: your relationship! It’s all done-there-and brides will testify that once the wedding day comes and goes, all you’re left with are memories (and photos!). Try to embrace all the twists and turns that come with being involved in planning a wedding, and cherish every little moment. Your big day will be coming up soon, so enjoy the special moment. After all, it’s as much about the journey as the destination!