This is the 2023 version of “Jeans and a nice top”

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We all know this pattern: You want to leave your friends. Your group conversation suddenly runs from “What are you going to wear?” Inevitably, the person who gives the standard response: “I don’t know, maybe jeans and a beautiful top.”

Jeans and a cute top have been a 20 and 30-something outfit for years now. It’s stupid. First date? Jeans and beautiful clothes. Brunch? Jeans and beautiful clothes. Meet the President of the United States? Jeans and beautiful clothes. But no, nothing is incorrect wearing jeans and a nice top in 2023. But what if you want to add a little … spice? What are the children wearing?

We will tell you: Replace Jeans with a nice pair of pants and a nice top.

That’s right: the process has been turned on its head for improved features, but it still requires a little thought. Instead of focusing on the top is the main part of the dress, fashion designers focus on their eyes down instead. And trust us: This is good news.

All you need for an updated 14 minute lifestyle is a pair of statement pants to be paired with your top and repeat. And by head, we really mean head. Silver pants and white tanks, printed pants and black shirts – in this series, the pants are used for everything. Pair it with any shoe you can think of (sneakers if you’re casual, heels if you’re out for dinner), wear it with your go-to outfit, and you are good to go. .

Everything you need to put in an overnight bag