These must-read books are for women in their 30s

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If your 20s are all about finding yourself, then I think your 30s are about rediscovering yourself. Entering a new decade in life awaits celebration; important time of reflection and deciding if This one is really what you want in life. As a woman in her early 30s, I have recently come to understand the importance of living your truth and being specifically who you want to be. Whether that’s in your career, in your relationships, or in your skills – entering a new decade in life is like being gifted an opening, an opportunity to give yourself the life you really want.

But… what if you don’t know exactly what you really want? In this situation, I find books to be the key to delving deep into my own thoughts and feelings, allowing the words to bring out the truth in my heart and what I want in the world. Whether it’s a fiction book that teaches me how to be a villain, or a novel that teaches me what it means to be myself, a book that helps me understand who I am and where I fit in the world. surrounded me.

So whether you’re newly in your 30s or knocking on the door of 40, here are the essential books to read for this time in your life.

George RR Martin & Gardner Dozois

Women are dangerous

A collection of 21 different stories (including bestselling author Diana Gabaldon is known for Outlanderand George RR Martin of Game of Thrones ), this book dives through the theme of what it means to be a dangerous woman, both heroes and villains. These early stories may be set in a fantasy world, but the themes that come through are very real, and teach us what it means to be a woman of influence in our world.

Geraldine DeRuiter


It may be a bit much to say that you have to read Say a prayer of love like a 30-year-old story about traveling and finding yourself. So, instead, here’s a book you’ve never heard of, and I promise you’ll make your belly laugh in public. After getting fired from her job, Geraldine DeRuiter decided she wanted to be a travel blogger…but she still had to go anywhere. This story is about his adventures and travels and all the lessons he learned about himself, his partner, and the world around him. It’s the kind of book that will make you feel good about whatever challenge you want to face this decade—even if it means turning your world upside down by trying something weird and new.

Ann M Morrison, Randall P White, and Ellen Van Velsor

Breaking the glass ceiling

As a woman in your 30’s, you can beat yourself up at work. Or, unfortunately, in many cases, you find yourself hitting a few brick walls—or, continuing the metaphor, a glass ceiling. Looking to finally climb your way to the top? Do you want to get those management jobs or finally get that promotion you deserve? Breaking the glass ceiling addresses the topic of success or failure in the corporate environment, how leadership is different for women entrepreneurs, and other barriers women face when it comes to on the way up.


You are a bad person

Are you ready to change your life and finally become the badass you want to be? This best-selling personal development book is about reshaping your mindset and living your best life. It will help you identify the habits that are polluting yourself and help you shift your energy to what you really want, helping you create the life you love the most. Oh, and earn more money.

Jane Austen


If you haven’t spent the better part of your twenties collecting all things Jane Austen, now is a good time to finally delve into one of her novels. Acceptance. Although the main character Anne Elliot is technically in her late 20s in the book, the story is one that I think most women in their 30s can relate to. After her first breakup with Navy Captain Frederick Wentworth, Anne is faced with her past as Captain Wentworth comes back into her life. But will he finally give up what he should do and finally do what he really wants in life? A poem that every woman in her 30s will understand.

Lori Gottlieb

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone

As we grow older, we have come to understand the importance of therapy. Therapy can be important in treating people with mental health and anxiety, which are some of the topics Lori Gottlieb touches on in this book. He explores what it means to be a therapist for patients struggling with life-threatening conditions, his own journey to healing, and the kinds of questions that seem to go to the heart of the human experience. If you are in your 30s and still find yourself with a lot of questions—and maybe a little doubt about the power of therapy—this book may be the key to getting you thinking about the topic. these are how you walk in your next ten years. lead.

Katherine Center

Fun for beginners

If you find yourself going through a big transition in your early 30s and need a little adventure, this book is a great place to start. It follows the story of Helen Carpenter, a 32-year-old divorcee who is about to go on a wilderness survival course in Wyoming. This story follows his story and his trials through the process, and what it means to actually be found after being lost. Likewise, another great book with desert find-yourself vibes would be Wild animals by Cheryl Strayed — if you haven’t finished it yet, of course.

Annabelle Monaghan

Nora Off Script

Divorced in her late 30s with two young children, Nora Hamilton turns her story into art—as in, a great movie—and finds herself stumbling upon great success. well done, and a great movie going. While this story is an exciting, romantic romance that will have you kicking your feet in the air, it’s also a story about heartbreak and finding yourself anew after years of giving in. everyday life, and ultimately allowing yourself to be incredible. you really are.

Cal Newport

Digital minimalism

Sick of constantly scrolling on your phone? Maybe it’s Marie Kondo time for your digital lifestyle. This book helps you put down your phone and appreciate the quiet moments in a simple, show-free life. By the end of it, you’ll find yourself finally in control of your digital lifestyle, instead of letting the constant scrolls of destruction take over you.

Katie Sturino

The word

There’s no denying that our bodies change from our 20s to our 30s, and there should be no shame for beautiful aging bodies. Yet our world wants us to think differently—buying all the “ageless” products and systems, exercising like crazy, and eating like a rabbit. But we know very well that it is not a good life, and this book shows us that. Precisely when “your body is not the problem” and the beauty standards and culture around us are the problem, they are.

Michelle Obama

The Light We Carry

Although many have read his best-selling books BecomingMichelle Obama’s recent book The Light We Carry walks us through his struggles and highlights after experiencing difficulties in his life. These stories wrestle through honest conversations and conversations we all face, such as finding strength in our struggles, expressing doubt and helplessness, building honest relationships, and finding light in the dark. middle of darkness. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking and inspiring read, Michelle is always our go-to.

Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski

Light fire

Even if you’re in the thick of your job as you work your way up the ladder, you may feel the stress of fatigue at times. This book walks through why women experience fatigue differently than men and provides science-backed tools to help women manage stress and emotions, and live a more joyful life. . If you find yourself constantly exhausted from working every day and counting down the minutes to Friday, then this book is for you.

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