There’s more Queen Charlotte in this new Bridgerton Book

If you’re like me, you can watch everything Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story on Netflix in about a day, and then do not know where to put the emotions Bridgerton-y hopes and dreams he made you feel. If this sounds familiar, look no further Queen Charlotte, the book that inspired the first series, written by Julia Quinn and Shonda Rhimes. The creators of this icon have outdone themselves again, as we expect from anything in Bridger’s verse. Julia is a first-time writer and creator Bridgerton books and Shonda is a presenter, producer, and writer for Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story (also an executive producer of the first two seasons of Bridgerton).

The show and the book are seamlessly integrated, a clear indication that the relationship between Julia and Shonda is strong. But, watching the show and reading the book are completely different experiences. I recommend whether anyone wants to laugh, cry, be inspired and maybe even turn into a heart emoji. This is why Queen Charlotte the book will spread you Bridgerton knowledge:

The book and the show are experiences on their own

The moments that surprised me in the movie felt fresh in the book, and always gave me another perspective as a reader. I watch the whole series first before I read the book, but I’m so engrossed in the book that I don’t compare it to the show all the time. In fact, there are some major differences between the film and the book, since each is structured in the same way it was made. The big difference is that the book focuses only on the story of the characters of Charlotte, George, Brimsley, and Agatha and does not turn forward to “now” Bridgerton in a way that appears to be happening, except very briefly.

Readers will see an expanded timeline, more insight into each character’s perspective, and a new era that we don’t know is happening. The fun thing to find in the book is when the writers hear or see moments you didn’t know they knew about after watching the movie. It’s amazing but also makes perfect sense when these moments are discovered. This way, there are very few “ah-ha!” the moment when the content of the book penetrates the reader’s previous familiarity Bridgerton.

We will live inside the minds of the main characters

As with television or any other media, the audience is given information on the screen, and sometimes we wonder what the characters are thinking, which is usually what happens. as the tension builds for the viewer. Through the book, we take a deeper look at the motivations of the characters from the beginning, building the conflict in a different way. I felt this shift in the chapters devoted to Agatha (Lady Danbury). I’ve always been a huge fan of Lady Danbury and found her strength inspiring, but the book really cemented her as not only one of my favorite characters, but one of the characters. most important of all. tons.

In the book, the reader immediately knows how George feels, and why he does what he does. Although this is not known to be the device that inspired the great movie, knowing so much of the book from the beginning makes the couple’s struggle all the more sad and joyful to watch.

The reader can hear the conversations

One of my favorite things about the book is that the dialogue is written in the voices of the actors so that the reader can hear the actors in the movie. Not all of the dialogue from the show is in the book, and in fact there is a lot of dialogue that expands. However, the tension and repetition of each character’s phrase has a specific effect on the world of that timeā€”not the world of history, but Bridgerton the world that is built around us. I like the way the characters talk Queen Charlotte slightly different than the way the characters talk before Bridgerton book, meaning that both stories take place over several decades. This explanation is interesting to see as you read.

The transition between characters is interesting

In the book, many times the relationship between two people is highlighted, and how each person changes when they talk to the other person. The chapters that focus on Charlotte and George, Charlotte and Agatha, or Charlotte and Brimsley, all reveal to the reader the different, complex, personality of Queen Charlotte. We also read how Agatha navigates her new place in society and manages the burden of tons as he spoke to the new Queen Charlotte, whom he would guide, or take the Princess Augusta, whom he would fight. As we read about Brimsley entering a new job and navigating his relationships with his entire family, we find that he is interesting and awe-inspiring no matter who he talks to.

Perhaps most satisfying is the look at Agatha’s friendship with Charlotte, and the choices and sacrifices Agatha makes. For me, the relationship between Charlotte and Agatha is as much at the heart of the book as the relationship between Charlotte and George. That being said, the relationship between Charlotte and George is constantly changing in the book, and the full time between them is a small treasure for the reader.

The topics in the book are connected to everything Bridgerton

There were many themes that struck me while reading the book, but perhaps the most powerful was the power of joy over the power of fear. While the show made me focus on the love story of all generations, the book was based on my opinion and direct insults to the younger generation. If none of these events occur, and tons It certainly won’t be what we see before Bridgerton system. It all goes back to Queen Charlotte. And Agatha. And even Brimsley. For this reason, books are the place for Bridgerton fans and readers will highlight and discover new pieces in Bridger’s verse. By the way, there is even the original Duke of Hastings name, which is interesting because we all know and love the same Duke of Hastings.

All in all, reading the book made me want to revisit the series, which will make me want to read the book again, and maybe I’ll be forever trapped in an endless loop of n ‘this way I’m waiting again. Bridgerton story. Honestly, it’s a great place to be.

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