The Culpo sisters’ best trusted advice

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Sometime in the last few decades, we entered the era of reality TV shows. Have you ever heard the saying “The devil works hard, but (Kris Jenner, Ryan Seacrest, Andy Cohen, Lisa Vanderpump, etc.) work harder”? Have you ever wondered what a reality TV show about a beautiful family might look like if someone mysteriously claimed to be pulling the strings behind the scenes? On a whim, HBO Max has gifted us with “The Culpo Sisters,” starring sisters Olivia, Aurora, and Sophia Culpo. This week goes by Every girl’s podcastWe sat down with Aurora and Sophia to hear all about their show, their life growing up in Rhode Island, and how they became the main influencers and personalities on TV.

Sophia and Aurora Culpo have braved the pressures of social media with confidence, all while being a real inspiration, which is why we highlight their best tips for staying confident. Read more about Sophia and Aurora Culpo’s secret to courage they swear by, and listen to this week’s episode. Every girl’s podcast for more from the culpo sisters.

Sophia Culpo’s Key to Confidence: Self-Discovery

Since gaining a social media presence, Sophia has used her background in nutrition to share health tips with her followers. However, as many celebrities do, she receives negative comments, accusations about her weight, and speculation about her appearance. “(People talking about my weight) is one of my biggest struggles on social media, because I have experience with eating. I spent an entire semester with an eating disorder. , so when people say things like that, it hurts.

For Sophia, being confident has meant finding her own identity and not letting anyone – from her haters to her family – define her. Biggest tip for self-control? Know yourself, and trust your own identity. “Last year, I realized that my identity was really in other people’s ways that I let them take hold,” said Sophia. Every girl’s podcast. “I am on a journey of reclaiming my power and learning that I am worthy of my own opinion.”

Not all of us deal with haters on our social media pages, but Sophia’s advice rings true for anyone struggling to push back against other ideas about who we should be. If you find yourself questioning yourself based on what other people think of you, take a page from Sophia’s book and dive into self-discovery.

Aurora Culpo’s Secret: The Strength of Weakness

Unlike Sophia, Aurora entered social media at a different time in her life: as a young mother. Since filming began for “The Culpo Sisters,” Aurora has been in a divorce, while she continues to be a devoted mother and shares her life online. She also dealt with mental health challenges after giving birth to each of her children, including postpartum depression and anxiety, a journey she was brave enough to share online. Although Aurora has been confident in her identity since her rise to fame, she still manages her mental health and personal well-being despite being mom-shaming and maintaining an online presence.

For Aurora, the key to being confident is remembering the value of vulnerability. According to him, sharing the most difficult time with him gives him the support and enthusiasm of his community more than he expected. “I like to remember that I had deep and meaningful relationships with people when I was willing to be a little more and put more on the line,” Aurora said. Every girl’s podcast. It encourages sharing every part of your story, including the hard parts, with those who love and support you. He said: “Nothing good comes from shame, and you should not be ashamed of what has brought you to where you are now.”

Whether you’re working on your mental health, starting a journey as a new mom, or facing personal challenges, it’s important to give yourself grace at every new stage. Committing to being true to yourself and working past feelings of shame and guilt is the best way to gain support from those around you and boost your confidence. And, when everything fails, Sophia and Aurora are proof that you can always turn to a sister (or chosen sister) for help.