The Best Bachelorette Parties Around for 2023

Wedding season is finally upon us, so you know what that means: it’s bachelorette party time, baby. Don’t get us wrong—we love girls’ trips to Las Vegas so much we have front row seats to go. Magic Mike Live and well-crafted ornaments. But over the years, the creativity we’ve seen in bachelorette party themes has been disappointing. There are a million different options out there, and choosing the best one for the bride is a daunting task. So, to all the ladies of honor (and brides) out there carrying a planning bach on their back: this one’s for you.

Through self-care weekend for women’s well-being and a Lover-themed bash any Swiftie would love (Taylor and Joe’s breakup is beside the point), we’ve searched high and low for some of the best bachelorette party themes that will be everywhere this year. Here’s all the inspo you need to plan a day, weekend, or night this bride will never forget.

1. It is everything. There’s only one groom: Barbie


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♬ Give it to me x Gimme again – DAVO

Everyone’s favorite doll has been inspiring bachelorette party themes for some time now, but with Barbie movie coming out this July, it’s definitely the perfect choice for the gorgeous, pink-everything bride. And say—“It’s everything. Is it just Ken”? Greta Gerwig gave you the best party themes and IG ideas with the hashtag.

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2. Surprise and engage: Groovy ’70s


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♬ Thank you! Gimme! Gimme! (Man After Midnight) – ABBA

Big fan of bell bottoms, florals, and anything retro? A dazed bachelorette party with your name written all over it. This topic is very popular on social media lately, so finding inspo and decor is no problem. It’s time to get ABBA and The Bee-Gees on aux and boogie the night away.

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3. The Sweet & Simple Send-Off: Garden Dinner Party


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♬ original sound – <3

The ladies of Cottagecore are rising. 2023 is the year of “turning a great night out with your friends”, and this trend works well as a bachelorette theme, too. A beautiful outdoor dinner is perfect for the bride looking for something more laid back and intimate but still IG worthy. From the table settings to the centerpieces and the menu, there is a ton of room that goes all the way to make it a personal favorite of the bride.

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4. He found a lover: Taylor Swift

The wife is inside him A lover Time! If you’re a Swiftie, you get it. This is a fun topic for any Taylor fan, and Etsy and other small businesses on the Internet are jewelry, invitations, t-shirts, and anything else you can think of for the celebration. Pro tip: have each guest dress up like Taylor’s time apart for cute photo-ops.

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5. Veuve Before Engagement: Champagne Chic


Eternal Love To The Taylors 🧡💗#veuveclicquot #veuve before waiting #bridalshower #keywest

♬ Original sound – Elizabethraerod

This is another popular topic recently, but we are working hard. Perfect for any bride who loves A) a good tag, B) some glam, and C) a good glass of champagne, Veuve Before Engagement is the epitome of a fun, timeless bachelorette theme. , and this is arranged in the interest of the wife.

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6. Calm down before the storm: a relaxing weekend

If the wife is a morning yoga, hot pilates, beautiful kenha gym set kind of gal, then a good weekend can definitely be in the cards. From fitness classes to facials, there are a million different activities you can plan, and it’s the perfect way to completely relax before the stress of a big day.

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7. Bach to the ’90s: Funky Y2K


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It’s officially the top decade of ’90s baby boomers (woah), so this topic must be huge. In addition, with the styles of the ’90s who are at the forefront of fashion trends recently, the clothing possibilities are truly endless. And a playlist full of Backstreet Boys, Madonna, and The Spice Girls is destined to lead to a good time.

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8. The Last Rodeo: Disco Cowgirl

This is another bachelorette party theme that will never get old – whoever created the idea of ​​the disco cowgirl changed the game forever. If the wife is into hot pink and country music or just found an excuse to put on a nice pair of cowgirl shoes, you have met your match.

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9. The Lotus Wife: A Sicilian Journey


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♬ Renaissance (main theme) (from “The White Lotus: Season 2”) – Cristobal Tapia De Veer

Moving on to a wonderful Italian tour as an ode to White Lotus is a must-have theme for any pop culture enthusiast. This is a perfect idea if you want to highlight the bride’s favorite show, but she doesn’t want to make it too much. I mean, who doesn’t want to be as beautiful as our queen Tanya McQuoid as they celebrate?

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10. Eras But No Taylor: Looks like a wife


Big Brick Energy this weekend 🤠💍 # wife #Bacheloretteparty #keywest #versionsofthebride

♬ Brick House – Commodores

This might be our favorite idea we’ve seen floating around on TikTok for a bachelorette party theme. And each guest is dressed as a different period of the bride’s life, not only funny but also very thoughtful and will give her a unique experience the kind he will never forget. This is the best idea for the bride who wants to laugh surrounded by only those who know her best!

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