Summer Shopping List: All the Essentials You Need

Living in the Midwest, I never feel like I have time to prepare for summer. Hot weather tends to get to me, which means that summer shopping is usually done in a rush in the hours before a trip or on the first day I realize I can’t get through and wearing jeans and T-shirts again. Other times, I don’t bother shopping at all and spend the entire summer realizing at random times that I’m missing this and that. But with everything I got going on this summer (and spontaneous plans popping up in mind), the last thing I want is to stress about not having what I want.

Since we were blessed with a few warm days earlier this year, I was able to assess the situation and get everything I needed for the season ahead. You bet I recommend it for any backyard barbecue, beach or pool day, hot AF day working from home, and every situation in between. This is summer shopping made easy – you’re welcome!


There’s no doubt that your beauty routine changes a bit once the warmer weather rolls around. Suddenly, we have to cover our whole body with SPF all day long and solve unpleasant problems like boob sweat. The worst part is that most of us will have to deal with the consequences of sudden exposure to too much sun. Here’s what you need to get it all:


No matter where you’re going this summer, you’ll want to be well-equipped in function and style. It’s always there group bag or storage we want to have (like those water bags under-wise!), In this summer, we are finally stocking up on everyone.


Water bag

Never carry wet clothes with your dry clothes again.


Grow grass

Whether you’re heading to the beach or the farmers market, this tote has you covered.


Geometric sunglasses

These hexagon frames look great on all different face shapes.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Leisure Wear

Whether you’re wearing it to the farmer’s market, brunch, or as a beach cover-up, this simple shirt will help you live the beach life of your dreams.


Claw Clips

Claw clips are the unsung heroes of those hot summer days when you think wearing your hair up is a good idea.

You’re good

Between long weekends away and plenty of patio happy hours, staying fit in the summer can seem like a challenge. But with a few simple solutions (like the perfect travel fitness equipment and our editors) favorite water bottle), your fitness routine should not change.


Yoga Mat Strap

Taking your yoga session outside this summer? This strap makes it easy to carry your mat to the park or beach.

Come on

1 pound Bangle weight

These lightweight bangles make it easy to light up your pilates session or hot girl walk.


Belt bag

No matter where your summer adventures take you, this Lululemon crossbody bag is a functional accessory you’ll want to have with you.

Source: @sugarandcloth


During the summer, inside with the AC light is one of the best places to be. That means your home should have a little sprucing up for the summer, whether for work (like the perfect fan for your office) or fashion (these salad bowls that will make you forget Sweetgreen even exists ).


3-Pack of wooden boxes

Sprinkle on any salad you can think of: pasta, macaroni, potatoes, fruit, kale—all of them in style.

Outdoor activities

When it’s cold indoors almost 24/7, outdoor activities are better than ever. But to participate fully, you need the right equipment. Beach and pool days, picnics, park days, sports events, and maybe outdoor movies—you may have a lot of activities to prepare for this summer, but we found all the basics you need:

Sunday Supply Co., Ltd.

Beach chairs

Whether you’re taking it to the beach or going to the backyard, the lightweight nature of this chair makes it easy to carry.

Emily Henry

Happy place

Pick up a new summer book to take with you on any outdoor adventure!


Towel checkerboard

Fashion trends turn this important summer season into a luxury in itself.


Portable Pickleball Set

If you’re new to the pickleball bandwagon, consider your sign to get started.


Tree runners

These sneakers are lightweight and breathable – perfect for long days outside.

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