Summer home decor to enhance your space

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Moving around the room to make room for some new summer decor is one of my favorite ways to mark the start of the season. Sometimes the changes are small – a scented candle here and a bunch of fresh herbs there. Other times, they’re more subtle, like new pillows for the bed or artwork for the bathroom.

Come summer, it’s all about brightening things up with linens, florals, woven textures and fun accessories. The goal for my summer home decor is to match my mood when the sun is shining and I have a margarita in one hand. In fact, big investments like bedding, bedding, and window treatments remain largely untouched. Band there are many small ways to bring in the warm weather and make the house feel new and decorative. Below, we’ve rounded up the best summer home decor ideas to make the most of the season.

Throw away the pillow

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Adding patterns is a crazy way to freshen up your home, and with long days and long hours outside ahead, that’s just the vibe we’re after. Try tossing in a pillow or two on your bed for added interest.

Arts & Crafts

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A few unique accessories added, such as art prints with summer scenes or handmade pots for fresh flowers, can really transform your space. Focus on surfaces such as coffee tables or bookcases, which are often the focal point of the room.

Faux Greenery & Flowers

If a room in your home is feeling depressing or unfinished, just add wood! I used to think that faux plants were a no, but when I had the third dead fern, I decided to accept them, and I have never looked back. Pro tip: Make sure to style and zhush branches to make them look as real as possible.

Summer bedding

Come summer, you can catch us in floral bed sheets à la Kathleen Kelly in You have information until further notice. Don’t worry if the flower style isn’t your thing, though. There are plenty of other dreamy holiday bedding options, which will instantly refresh your boudoir—and stop washing on your sheets!

Table decorations

Summer is the best time for entertaining, and we plan to make it extra special with a few summer additions to our table decorations. All of these prints are perfect for warmer weather, but you can also mix and match them and use them year-round to get the best bang for your buck.

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