Sofas are best for small spaces

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Buying your own furniture is one of those big life steps that means you’re well on your way to becoming (and looking like) an adult. But if you have a dream of bringing a big house, a good part, your small room may have other features. The truth is that most “starter” homes are often lacking in square footage, so choosing furniture that fits your space can be a challenge. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or comfort. In fact, there are many sofas for small spaces in the market that will give you a lot of space for rest and relaxation without taking up the entire room.

Keep scrolling for some of our favorite small space sofas for every decor style.

Sofas are best for small spaces


If you are going for a classic, loud look, we recommend a simple sofa, squishy or loveseat in neutral colors.

The future of the century

Bright lines and mid-century modern designs are perfect for small spaces. These options will give you all the style you need in a small footprint:

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Which is beautiful

Even small sofas can be the focal point of your room and can set the tone for other decorations. If your style is bold and playful, a beautiful sofa—whether in rich metallic tones or funky—could be the perfect statement piece you’ve been looking for.

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Small Space Section

If you are committed to space but still want the ability to expand into a beautiful domain, these options are for you:

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