So… Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex?

I don’t know what’s worse: dreaming about being chased or dreaming about your ex. Both are such a special type of nightmare that they wake me up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat and confusion. Knowing that I’m not the only one who experiences this from time to time is the only thing that makes me feel better, but it still makes me wonder why he does anything. .

I’ve done a lot of “What does (insert oddly specific situation) dream mean” Google search in my life so I know that all dreams have some kind of meaning, so of course, when I can’t go back to sleep, I looking. for an answer.

If you, like me, are dying to know how this happens, what the root cause is, if you feel anxious or guilty, and what you can do about it, ask I’m a Certified Dream Analyst. Laurie Loewenberg for answers and I share them further.

You are not alone if you have dreams about your ex

There is no hard and fast number that can explain how common dreams are with an ex, but Loewenberg assures us that it is one of the questions he asked – and that says a lot considering that he has analyzed and analyzed more than 75,000 dreams since. He was certified as a dream analyst in 1996 and is the most watched TikTok video is where he dives into the details on this topic. So if you’ve seen this, you’re not alone. “Whether it’s our most recent ex or our first love from years and years ago, we all dream about our exes from time to time,” Loewenberg says.

Below are 5 things that can make your ex appear in a dream

Exes can appear in our dreams in many ways, but they all have meaning. Depending on the type of headache you are having, you can interpret the meaning of the dream. I asked Loewenberg to describe the top five dreams that people experience, the dreams they may have, and why, and his explanation of each is fascinating. Here is what he had to say:

Love is permanent

“The dream of lasting love is often associated with the person we are crazy about losing. It is a very painful experience and a great financial loss, and it leaves us with many questions: What did I do? Why am I not good? Is there any way I can get this person back? Will I ever forgive this person?

Below is a list of dreams you may have if you have a lasting love and what those dreams are, according to Loewenberg.

  • You will get back to your ex: This is a dream come true.
  • You enter their house: This is connected with the desire to understand what happened. The house represents their thinking and breaking is the desire to go to their head.
  • You dreamed that an ex forgives you and tells you that they still love you: This is a bit of wish fulfillment as well as a subconscious desire to be kind about ourselves again.

Emotional Dissatisfaction in Relationships / Current Sexual Dissatisfaction

Especially if it’s been years since you’ve been with your ex or if they were your first true love, “thinkers start to lose the thrill and bubble of first-time love,” says Loewenberg. explains. This can happen if you’re in a relationship that has become a “comfort point in the process,” he added.

Loewenberg says that our first love “comes into our psyche and will forever represent love, desire, and passion,” so your desire to reciprocate or reciprocate. Your past representations can cause you to have these dreams:

  • You have sex with them
  • You are getting back together
  • You are looking for them
  • You see them moving around and try to get their attention
  • You are trying to save them from some kind of death or danger

Dissatisfaction with the current state of life

Believe it or not, your dreams aren’t always about your ex. “Sometimes the people in our dreams can represent who we were when they were in our lives; they serve as symbols in time,” Loewenberg explained.

Here is an example of a dream you may have if you have this word that causes it and what it means:

  • If you dream of getting back with your ex or having sex with them: This does not mean that you want them, but it could mean that “you are looking for who you are or how to live you are like when you are with them.” Loewenberg said.

Anger/Unresolved Emotions About Ex

If you’ve been cheated on or in an abusive relationship, that leaves a deep mark on your psyche that can lead to dreams where your past appears in them. “If it’s been years since you’ve been together, these dreams may indicate (that) some current situation or current person makes you feel that you’re being bullied again,” said Loewenberg. explained. He added that dreams can be borrowed from the past to warn us not to fall into those behaviors or situations again.

Here is an example of a dream you may have if you have this word that causes it and what it means:

  • You dream that you are being beaten or cheated on: This could mean that you are suffering from PTSD or that you are still angry with yourself for getting into the relationship.

Determined Effect Regarding Ex

We dream to resolve issues, so if you dream about your ex when your feelings are resolved with them and there is no bad blood, it is rare. However, “when it comes to abusive or horrible exes, we can sometimes dream that we are returning to their relationship,” says Loewenberg. This may be because we have had peace in the past and realize that it made us stronger. He added, “We no longer have shame or insecurity or anger or fear but we have grown and accepted that part of our lives as an obstacle in who we are now.”

When, if ever, should you be concerned?

As mentioned before, dreams about an ex are normal whether it is the first person or it is from the past year. “The only time you should be concerned about dreaming about your ex is when the dream has gone on for a long time and is affecting your thoughts and mood negatively,” says Loewenberg.

If this happens, describe the emotions you feel in your dreams and apply them to your real life. “Is there anything going on in your life right now that makes you feel like you’re dreaming? If so, that’s what your spirit wants you to say. you fix,” he explained.

If you are in a relationship, should you feel guilty?

This may be hard to believe, but sometimes dreaming about your ex can be beneficial for your current relationship. For example, “If you’re in a relationship but you dream of getting back with your ex or dating, it doesn’t mean you want the ex back, but it might have something to do with it.” ex (or) something about the energy in that relationship that you would like to apply to yours now,” Loewenberg assures. But if you’re actively, obsessively longing for an ex while you’re in a relationship and that gets into your psyche and makes you dream about them too, which That was the only time the guilty party was convicted, according to Loewenberg.

So… what are you going to do about it now?

Loewenberg always says that “dreams are messages from you, to you, (and) about you… to improve you.” Read that again! Even if you had a dream about your ex sending you, remember that there is a purpose and you can learn from it. “Once you can interpret the issue that the dream is trying to shed light on, you must take action. For example, if your dream shows you that you are causing insecurity from a previous relationship you and yours now, start working to release it,” he explains.

Loewenberg’s words of wisdom and advice are as follows: “What you do will be specific to your words, but it is very important to act and work on your dreams because they guide you to become who you are.” the best you can be… if you listen to them.

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