Siff Haider morning schedule | Every girl’s podcast

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As someone who falls squarely into the forget-to-take-her-vitamins-every-morning camp, there is no morning routine that I crave more than the supplement queen herself. . By addition Queen I is (of course) referring to Siff Haider, the founder of Arrae and host of A big podcast of dreams. This week goes by Every girl’s podcastWe sat down with Siff to learn everything there is to know about supplements, marketing, and her personal wellness hacks.

After struggling with her immune and digestive systems, Siff turned to holistic medicine and quickly discovered that small changes made a big difference in her well-being. She founded Arrae in 2020 with her husband, and has been sharing her health journey online for years. Read more about Siff Haider’s complete morning schedule, and watch this week’s program Every girl’s podcast for another.

Coffee and newspapers

After waking up, scraping her tongue, brushing her teeth, and clogging a bottle of water, Siff likes to sit with a cup of coffee and her magazine. He goes to coffee which is a cinnamon Americano, he drinks it for 20 minutes and does nothing but write. According to Siff, his literary style is the most important, sacred ritual of his day. “I get a lot of joy out of it,” he continued Every girl’s podcast.

Siff’s favorite type of journal is the “Future You” journal, which is a type of visual journal where you imagine yourself in the future and write down every little detail you can think of about her life. It’s a demanding program that’s rewarding (and easy) to work into your own morning routine.

Go outside and go

Siff prioritizes going outside first thing in the morning and going for a quick walk. “The people I don’t talk to go out in the morning for my walks, newspapers, and my movements whenever I can fit in,” he said. Every girl’s podcast. Learning the benefits of walking as exercise was a game changer for her, because at a young age, she thought she needed an intense HIIT and cardio workout to feel her best. But now she knows that it’s something as small as walking that made all the difference in her health journey.

Resistance training or Pilates

Movement is another undeniable part of Siff’s morning routine, and for her, the best way to be active is to lift in the gym or take a Pilates class. “Building muscles is what protects you from damage as you get older,” he said. “It allows you to stay in shape for a long time. I love the sport of longevity.” However, Siff emphasizes that you don’t need to follow everyone else’s workout routine to find a morning routine that works for you. Well, it’s about finding and doing what you love.