Should have a happy ending in Rom Coms

Since the phrase “happily ever after” was invented, many of us have been taught that when it comes to love, success determines how everything works out in the end. Rom-coms, one of my favorite genres, almost always end on a high note, when the couple struggles to stay on the same page for the entire movie. ‘last meeting. When the movie ends, it’s hard for us to see what’s going to happen next, unless we have the next gift. I look for romantic comedy especially when I need a morale boost or a break from a stressful day because I know there will be an uplifting resolution at the end, with laughs along the way. (At least for the main characters. There’s always a fan who gets left at the altar or ruined, which I’ll get into.) As I Love the familiar adrenaline rush when leaders finally realize that they are targeted. stay together, I think it’s time we see a happy difference in some of our rom-com stories.

Like anything in life, I think the journey is the most important part of the love we experience. In every journey, there will be ups and downs. Not everything will lead us to “the one,” if such a thing even exists in reality. Whether we like it or not, movies and entertainment influence us on this subject, especially when we are growing up. As much as I love the “it all works out in the end” concept of my favorite rom-coms, I would like to see some relationships that don’t work out-where the end goal is not love but it is marriage. For the sake of complete clarity, I say this as a person who likes books and movies Pride and Prejudice. I’ve been a lifelong lover of rom-coms. That being said, here’s why I think this new approach is important:

Heartbreak can be the greatest form of growth

Although heartbreak or unrequited love can be the most painful, all-consuming experience, when I look back on those moments in my life, I am grateful for them. They turn all the time that moved me into a new period of my life, and finally in a new, bright, and true way. For anyone who saw the movie True love A million times, I feel deeply in the character that appears on the sidewalk outside the house of Keira Knightley’s character. For anyone who has not seen it, the character calmly holds many signs with writings and images on them, expressing his love. He then goes on to say that he knows they can’t be together, but he builds her up because he finally told her the truth. When Ted Lasso showed up this time last time in such a beautiful and beautiful way, my heart is full of joy. I think that the film is compared to many other films and films because it taps into an important human experience: when heartbreak becomes a way to heal and move on.

It’s often only in the protagonist’s journey that we see the kind of loss and heartbreak in traditional rom-coms. We see this especially in wedding rom-coms, where one of the main characters is getting married, but they are really in love with someone else. Best wedding my friend, It was done with honor, Wedding planner, Of course everything related to the wedding with J-Lo is that, I can continue with examples. All the movies I love (a lot), but the next time I watch them, I’ll pay attention to the fans and see what I can learn. However, as Kate Winslet tells in the movie Holiday says: “You should be the leading lady of your life.” Perhaps being the leader in your life will not interfere with your partner.

Not falling in love doesn’t mean it’s the end of your journey

If I had a dollar for every time I had a crush on someone, I’d be able to buy my own rom-com production company and make more movies where relationships don’t work. For context, I’m a successful nerd, and I’m not the only one talking about my teenage years. Of course, I’ve had a crush on Elijah Wood (who I’ve never met) for decades, but that’s a story for another time. While most of my crushes didn’t work, most of the rom-coms I watched did. I often wonder what would have happened if the stories had a different ending. What if, inside 13 Going on 30, they haven’t found themselves in the end, despite all the lessons Jennifer Garner’s character is learning? Or, in the latest rom-com Your place or mine, What if the main characters never connect and just go their separate ways? Perhaps they will find a new way and this can be considered as happiness-every time.

There are many types of happy-ever-afters

I’m thinking of phrases like “true love” and “oneness” and “happy-ever-after” and “my person” (looking at you, Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise) I think we should set them free. If our ultimate goal is to find “the one,” we may lose the great love of our lives that doesn’t match our expectations of what the perfect partner could be for us. But if the movie shows us that there is only one way to end the story, we lose the symbol of the new happiness-every-time that always arises in our life as we changing and growing. Don’t get me wrong, I still cherish my favorite rom-coms and tear up when the couples get together at the end. However, I think some of the newer rom-coms will hopefully start to show a different perspective—because many people find it a wonderful experience to be single and successful, year after year. whatever. Through this balance, we will be able to see the progressive rationality of what it means to be human (in love or for the sake of love) in today’s world.

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