Save vs. Splurge: Summer Fashion

Let’s be honest: Summer is just around the corner and the itch to buy something new is getting stronger than the mosquitoes we expect. Before you add everything to the front of your car, let us remind you that the summer fashion pieces you picked up last year may be just as good now as they were a year ago. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy a few things, but it’s better to know where-and what-you’re spending your money on for the summer.

With linen-filled weatherboards, breathable clothing, natural prints, and stylish patterns, your summer fashion shopping list can quickly pile up. We’ll never talk you out of treating yourself, but knowing how to manage your expenses is important. Here’s where our editors are spending and splurging on summer fashion this year.

Save: Maxi skirts

Although our editors are wearing our denim this year, we also know there’s a good chance we won’t be wearing them a few years from now. Since this practice is widespread, there are many cheap options to choose from that are expensive as well as expensive ones.

Splurge: a denim skirt

All you need is a good pair of denim shorts, and when you find your favorite, you can wear them for years on end. Instead of getting a quick fashion that doesn’t support well, adding a little extra in a pair that will last is your best bet.

Save: Ring button

If you’re in the market for new and reliable buttons, places like Old Navy, H&M, and thrift stores will be your best friends. Quality is usually as good as the high end; just pay attention to what you are looking at (cotton tends to wrinkle the most). If you have your eye on a high-end button down, check out your local thrift store – odds are, you’ll find a loved one that fits the bill.

Splurge: Swimwear

It is important that your swimwear fulfills all the requirements for you to be comfortable and at your best. That being said, a cheap bikini won’t stand the test of time (or cost you $$$ in the long run). Opting for a high-quality shirt will make your future thank you.

Save: linen

Linen is a summer staple, but it’s not something you need to spend a lot of money to find a great piece. Speaking from experience, my favorite pants are from Target, and although I’ve had them for three years now, they don’t show anything of fashion. Just pay attention to the washing and drying instructions, and you can keep an inexpensive pair looking like new.

Splurge: Activewear

When it’s really hot, all I want to wear is a biker jacket or something to walk around in. Functional clothing usually has better sweat-wicking capabilities, which you need on those hot, humid days when you can’t be bothered to wear good clothes.

Save: Raffia bags

Nothing screams summer like a wicker or raffia bag. Since these things don’t last long in the world (even if you get a more expensive option), we don’t recommend breaking the bank on one—especially since they’ll be hauled offshore. beach and will be placed on the patio during summer happy hours.

Splurge: Shoes

While you can get cheap summer boots, getting one that will last should be your top priority. Invest in a pair or two that you love and that’s great, and you won’t have to worry about buying a new pair next year (or the year after that).

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