Review: Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story

Just when we think we know everything BridgertonA new back story comes out and changes it all. Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story is the latest Netflix series in the world of Bridgerton. The story is a prequel that follows Queen Charlotte’s ascension to the throne, her love story with King George, and the social revolution it creates. I am very impressed with the whole process and now I am processing it. In fact, I tend to be very emotional all the time Bridgerton, based on the book by Julia Quinn. However, I experienced great feelings of joy and sorrow throughout Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story is something completely different than what I experienced in the book or the first series. This is a story I didn’t realize I needed to hear right now, I’m thinking a lot Bridgerton Fans will feel that. So, readers of The Everygirl (If I Were Lady Whistledown), here are my thoughts on the matter.

Something I like Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story

The writing and casting are spot on

You just can’t go wrong with a creative and artistic team that brings the show to life. Shonda Rhimes is an actress, producer and writer for Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story. The other was created by the CEO Bridgerton system, and also created a show like Gossip and Grey’s AnatomyShonda is the queen of television herself. Text and discussion for Queen Charlotte, of course, are incredible, keep me guessing in many stories, adding mystery and romance. In this series, fans will see the season set in this season with Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte, Adjoa Andoh as Lady Danbury, and Ruth Gemmell as Lady Violet Bridgerton, characters we know and love in the first two . Bridgerton system.

The story also begins at the beginning of Queen Charlotte’s reign and her engagement to King George. India Amarteifio stars as Young Queen Charlotte, Corey Mylchrest portrays the young King George, and Arsema Thomas plays Young Agatha Danbury. We will also see a young Brimsley played by Sam Clemmett, the role played by Hugh Sachs as the older Brimsley over the years. Bridgerton system. The casting for these roles couldn’t be better, even with the specifics of each character. In case you didn’t know, Queen Charlotte wasn’t in the original book written by Julia Quinn, but Golda’s portrayal inspired the idea for this prequel. It’s not often that we see a book that inspires a trend, which in turn inspires a new trend and the book that follows it.

Portrait: Caitlin Schneider

It’s about people of all ages – not just “young and in love”

What inspired me the most Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story is that the focus of this story is on people of all ages, and their connection to love and relationships. The story features characters who are often supportive, such as a ruler or mentor or parent. Often times, it’s easy to forget, especially when we’re young, that our predecessors were young, too. But when you grow up, the same issues that are in the middle of your life may not leave you. Watching Queen Charlotte grow up made me think about all the women in my life—my mother and grandmother, for example—and wonder what I must have had at my age. It also made me look back on my childhood and reflect on the times that brought me to where I am. The stories we were looking at, especially Charlotte and George’s, gave me a deep feeling that I often get when I look at old photo albums—at least that’s the best way I can describe it. him. There is something beautiful, sad and happy at once when we see these things that happen in life.

It shows how the ton came

Queen Charlotte and King George’s love story coincides with social change in the crown and tons, as Charlotte ushers in a new generation where society is united, and new people gain name and place on the court. Watch how tons became the person we see in him Bridgerton, and the role Queen Charlotte and Lady Dansbury played in it, we will see how one bond and one friendship can change the course of history. While set in an entirely different age, the discussion of social change, marriage, and love is modern and insightful. For anyone like me who is always looking for my own interpretation of relationships and love, I promise that there are some quotes, especially from Queen Charlotte, that you will want to write down and remember. Maybe those words will require you to pause the show because you’re crying into your popcorn (me, that happened to me.)

It has everything we love about it Bridgerton

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell fans that this series also captures everything we love about the world. Bridgerton. There are hot romances, fancy parties, and movies at tons, galore. In addition, the costumes and the spectacular design give insight into the period. And really, all the dreamy music you could ever want. No doubt that is undeniable Bridgerton-ness is alive and well in the process, which should probably be just a real word in the dictionary at this time. All that being said, I don’t think I could have predicted everything that happened in this series if I tried. There were some moments that surprised me and hit me in the heart, which is hard to do in a prequel.

I know I’ve seen a show I love when it’s been with me for a long time, and this will happen. It’s really a combination of my past loves Bridgertonand the new feeling the system helped me to get rid of, which made me fall in love Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story But above all that, there is a love story at the center that represents women of all ages. One that somehow fits into the genre of historical fiction and modern romance at the same time. And in the opinion of this writer, which will give every fan a new idea for everything that will come in the near future. Bridgerton.

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