Questions to ask yourself before you buy

Whether you consider yourself a fashion lover or not, it’s shocking when it’s easy to get to the point where your closet is overflowing. A couple of sales happen suddenly, what used to be a well-planned masterpiece that explodes in need of a cleaning-stay there, done and many times to read.

In 2023, we’re aiming for a clean bathroom that’s less expensive than shopping less for convenience. There is nothing more rewarding than adding a piece to your wardrobe that you have loved and worn for years, and with a little thought, either way page can give you that experience.

The next time you go to click “add to cart” or go to the checkout line, these are the questions to ask yourself before making a purchase. The “I think I love him but I never have” platform will be a little more.

1. Can I create these three different styles with pieces I already have?

Many times we fall into the trap of buying new things to wear because you have one killer outfit in mind to wear it with. And if you can do that, that’s great—but you’ll need to create more than one piece of paper to justify buying it. Try to think of three different outfits to wear be happy stream. If he wants to buy other pieces to make it the way you like, it’s not the right call to buy it.

2. Can I buy this if it is full price?

We know we know it is difficult to resist the temptation to sell. But one of the game-changing ideas in marketing is this: If you go from $100 down to $60, you’re not saving $40 – you’re still spending $60. If something you know you will love and wear is on sale, by all means, put it in the cart. But if you are shopping alone because it sells, that’s another story.

The best question to ask yourself is if you should think about it if it is not a sale. If the discount is your main attraction, it’s best to pass.

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3. Is this right for me?

Especially during the epidemic of online shopping, it’s easy to order something that ends up being the wrong size and then keep it because returning it will be a big problem. Ask yourself: If you were shopping at a store and trying it on in the right room, would you go for the bigger or bigger one? If you do, it’s best to return it or change it.

If you’re shopping in-store and your size is out of stock and you’re trying to work out, trust us: It’s best to wait for something that fits you better, unless you plan to wear it. bed. him.

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4. Do I buy this product just because it’s popular?

Especially with the different trends and pieces that go viral on TikTok in the week, it is easier than ever to buy what you can expect from the bandwagon of trends. Although we are also victims of this, the main thing is to make sure that you are real such as page. For example, if you like the idea of ​​a top trend but actually wearing it makes you uncomfortable, that’s not for you. Fashion is personal; Don’t buy something just because everyone else is.

5. How much will each dress cost?

One of the most important things to consider when buying something is its cost per wear, or the cost of the item divided by how often you will wear it. It may be better to buy a pair of $200 statement shoes than a $500 pair of classic loafers, but if you wear those statement shoes twice a year and wear loafers several times a week, the price per outfit means loafers are a worthwhile purchase.

A good example of cost per dress is wedding guest dresses. If you know you won’t be able to last longer than one wedding, it’s better to rent a dress or borrow one from a friend to avoid taking up closet space forever after a night out. after him.

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