One true love perfect for movie night

There are few things better than the excitement of knowing a beloved book is coming to the screen. When we read, we often picture in our mind what the places are like and how the movie started. I love the moment when the movie that turns the book is about to start, because although I know the story, what I don’t know is how the story will start in a new way. Lately, we’ve been seeing a few Taylor Jenkins Reid books come to life, and I’m not mad about it. Daisy Jones at six arrived on Amazon as a series last month, and now BOTANYis True Love will grace our screens as a movie, hitting theaters on April 7.

I am excited to see the first preview of One True Love, and, like the book, it gave me a lot to think about. It made me reflect on past relationships, as well as my current one, and all the important moments that have shaped new paths in my life. Sometimes these new paths lead us to those we love, whether that be family, friends, or romantic partners. With a promise, the film, written by Taylor Jenkins Reid and her husband Alex Jenkins Reid, will make you think about the meaning of love, especially the word that is often used: “true love.” But first, take a look at the trailer:

For anyone who prefers to watch the movie on your couch with a big bowl of popcorn (me), the movie will also hit digital platforms on April 14. It’s perfect for movie night with friends or the library, but here’s why I think (avoiding major spoilers, of course):

Why One True Love perfect for your next movie night

The actors and actresses bring their own twists to the characters

Main Cast When it comes to bringing the book to life, I’m excited because two of my favorite actors are directing the story of One True Love, in a style we’ve never seen them play before. Portraying Emma is Phillipa Soo, who is also an incredibly talented actress and starred as Eliza Hamilton in the first season. Hamilton. As a listener Hamilton sound so good that he became my favorite artist on Spotify for a year, I can say that I am a big fan.

We also see Simu Liu as Sam, Emma’s childhood friend and fiancĂ©. Simu played at Marvel Studio’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and is one of my favorite actors to follow on Instagram. Speaking of, Simu showed his own musical talent and list it by singing from Daisy Jones at six, bringing him right back to Taylor Jenkins Reid’s world. And then, Riley Keough, who plays Daisy Jones in the series, Post a duet of his song on Simu and TikTok. Anyway, I miss a lot, but I love a good TikTok duet and this is a big time pass.

Others are beautiful One True Love Luke Bracey rounded out the main cast (A pause, Holiday) as Jesse, Emma’s long-lost husband, and Michaela Conlin (Bones, For All People) as Emma’s sister, Marie. I love the scenes between Emma and Marie, as we see their backstories as sisters, and how complicated that dynamic can be. And of course, the scene between Jesse and Emma is full of all the emotions (in fact all of them) and some interesting things that will make you want to go to the world.

It has many movies

Given the origin of this movie and the movies we know and love in the book, it would not be complete without some awesome moments. The main conflict in the movie (which is not a spoiler since it appears in the trailer and the first chapter of the book) is that after the death of her husband, Emma goes on with her life he got involved, only to find out years later. and her husband is alive and well. He is torn between his past and his future, and is forever changed by a life-changing event that sets him on a new path.

In the movie, we see a lot of people running (either out or about another character), a plot (or two), and perhaps the most dramatic moment, a combination between things Two characters that really got my tears going. Because the main conflict is revealed in advance, the focus of the film is an examination of the path Emma has taken in the past and may take in the future, and I like this process.

And a good amount of humor, too

With any good romance, a little humor is sometimes needed to provide balance. This comes in different forms. In the book, Sam is described as having a great sense of humor, and in the movie, Simu’s performance is given by Sam. We see more of his personal journey in the movie as he hangs out with his music students and tries to stay calm about everything that’s going on in his life. Even though he had to teach his class, they managed to help him overcome his problems in a beautiful way. There was also a movie that all the other teachers at his school gave me Abbott Elementary vibes, and although brief, is a nice touch.

Movie night discussion starter

Is it possible to have more than one true love?

What I love most about movie nights are the conversations that follow, and I find that to be the main theme One True Love is a really interesting topic. Is it possible to have more than one true love? This writer thinks clearly, yes. Some of my friends would say no. And off we go with the debate to end all debates about love, its origins, and human nature. In my life, I have felt love in many different ways, and each experience has shaped who I want to be, or who I know I no longer want to be. Because we are always changing as people, I think that when we go through a life-changing event and come through it, we are defined. The film explores this in a visceral way, flashing back and forth between moments, as our minds race while making important decisions.

Book club discussion starters

How does the book compare to the movie?

Of course, movie night wouldn’t be complete without a discussion of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s book that started it all. So, if you’ve been reading the book at your bookstore, here are some questions to keep the conversation going after you watch the movie.

Amount from One True Love The book that piqued my interest from the beginning is this: “I think that maybe everyone has a time that divides their life into two parts.” This sets up the story and tells us the pattern that will be given to us as we navigate Emma’s two relationships. The book is structured so that we learn about one relationship after another, until the stories connect. However, as I said above, the film goes back and forth between each story, dating in flashbacks and immediately. Like any movie based on a book, we lose some of the history (especially Emma’s high school life), and other details, but that’s to be expected. . All in all, in an age of reality shows and dating apps that focus on the development of true love, I appreciate any story that explores how multidimensional love can be, and we believe in ‘one love or one true love or whatever else we choose. search.

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