One Trader Joe’s item I can’t live without

A leisurely trip to Trader Joe’s on Sunday mornings is one of my favorite weekend activities. I get there early in the morning to avoid the crowds, when the aisles are fresh and the store is quiet. The hustle and bustle of the Sunday shoppers hadn’t quite arrived yet, and it was just me, my car, and whatever Trader Joe’s had for the day. (Have you ever noticed that their music is always there?)

Part of the magic of Trader Joe’s is, of course, that new items hit the shelves all the time—usually just a few weeks at a time. The joy of finding something while shopping is second to none (I felt butterflies recently while flipping through a bag. Dill seed potatoes in my car), but there’s also comfort in knowing your essentials will always be there. And if we’re talking staples, one thing I never leave the store without is TJ’s Mini Hold The Cone Ice Cream Cones.

Why I Love Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Cones

If you like to end your meal with a sweet treat, Trader Joe’s has many treats to choose from but this one has a special place in my heart. It also proves to be a crowd favorite, having recently won the dessert category Trader Joe’s 14th Annual Consumer Choice Awards. These little treats satisfy my sweet tooth cravings and are the perfect small size for an everyday dessert. Honestly, I don’t think you could ask for more.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying one, Hold Cone ice cream cones are as small as the palm of your hand. Each cone is combined with chocolate and filled with ice cream, using a layer of chocolate on top of a small scoop of ice cream on top. Not only is the chocolate coating inside delicious, but it keeps the ice cream from falling off your fingers as you eat it – a nice touch, if you ask me.

A serving size is three mini cones, and when I can eat thirty without a problem, even one time is enough to satisfy my need for a little pleasure. If I’m being honest, I’ve been known to eat one mid-day meal around 3pm. Each box comes with eight mini cones, but the best part? These knives last all year.

Box of 6 Assorted Trader Joe's Hold Cones!  Small Ice Cream Cones on the beach with palm trees in the background

Source: Trader Joe’s

Grab Cone Flavors

Traditional Jide Cone flavors include chocolate and vanilla, as well as the chocolate flavor, which features vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips in a chocolate cone. But their seasonal flavors are the real cherry on top. If you’ve been to Trader Joe’s lately, you may have noticed Cone’s newest flavor for spring: coffee beans. This flavor has the same chocolate cone as the chocolate chip version but with coffee bean ice cream inside. It seems they know we all enjoy iced coffee as the weather warms—they decided to take it to the next level. Well played, T. Joe’s!

Come fall, you can find ginger pumpkin mini cones, while the holiday season brings a variety of peppermints. I tried every flavor and they were all good and satisfying in their own way.

Simply put, my love for these little cones knows no bounds. And since they’re Trader Joe’s only, you won’t find them anywhere else. Take it from me, they do not disappoint. I always have a box in my freezer and you can find me rummaging through my stash on Sundays.

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