Nom Nom Review: It’s a No-Brain for Dog Owners

I have something to get out of my head… I am a crazy dog ​​parent. I got my first dog, Olive, when I was a 20-year-old full-time college student who also worked in marketing. My life is sure and looking back, no, I would never encourage someone in my lifetime and my lack of money *ahem* to get a dog. However, the second my sweet puppy was in my arms, he became my whole world. I say I’m spending money I won’t earn anything My favorite dog walkers are shilling on Instagram (and trying to make her a dog walker herself), planning my entire day to take her to the dog park, and yes , buying expensive, high quality food while I’m extending my school. food budget to the full extent. I wanted (and still want) him to have the best of everything, and this idea has stayed with me as my family has grown…to include two more dogs.

I’m sure I’ve spent a lot of money on my pets over the years, including eventually buying a house so they could have the space they deserve, but I wouldn’t change a thing. That’s one thing all pet parents have in common: they want the best for their pets. So when I got the chance try Nom Nom, a new customized meal service for Otis, my youngest puppy, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. And because I know I’m not the only stupid puppy out there, I’m sharing all the details with you. But fix the spoiler: if your wallet can handle it, Nom Nom is a no-brainer.

The name of the name

Personalized meal plans

Nom Nom Food contains innovative, protein-packed recipes, tailored to your dog’s recommended caloric intake and health needs.

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About Nom Nom

All Nom Nom services is focused on helping dogs live their happiest, healthiest lives, if that’s not a message everyone on the planet can’t get behind, I don’t know what is. Backed by science, Nom Nom’s on-staff Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists create each of their recipes to ensure they are well-nourished and have a good, complete diet that supports health and happiness. your dog.

Otis has just turned one, is very active, and full of energy—a lifestyle that requires a different diet than, say, my puppy, Poncho. Instead of telling her what she wants, Nom Nom makes it easy to make sure I’m doing everything I can to keep her healthy as she grows.

Just like us, what goes on in your dog’s body is important. Other Nommers who feed Nom Nom regularly have reported improvements in their dog’s coat, energy level, energy (thanks. God), and stool. Your dog can’t tell you how they’re feeling, but you can tell when their health is improving. Otis loves food (more on that later), but he freaks out when I bring out his Nom Nom every day, and there’s nothing like having a happy, happy puppy.

My experience

Otis, although I love him to death, is not the best tool in the shop. He loves food, he will sit next to me at the dinner table hoping, praying, asking for scraps, and he loves his own dinner time. However, he is also interested in the goldfish and when he spends a little time cleaning his food, he must be distracted. that thing there and left his plate. If I’m not paying close attention, my other two dogs take this as their cue to dig into the other half of Otis’ food. Between Otis’s struggles and making sure every dog ​​sticks to every dish, mealtimes are a nightmare. However, since starting Nom NomThe house could be extended around him and Otis would not leave his dinner.

If Otis liked food before, he loves it now. I often see him back in the kitchen, a big bowl of food for him to eat, trying to lick it even more because he loves food so much. And because of all the above-mentioned benefits of Nom Nom (fresh items, pre-order packages that are delivered directly to my door), this change has been a big win for me. There is so much to love about Nom Nom, I am sure they are feeding him the best food for his continued growth and health. In my early 20s, I often wondered if I was doing enough for my first dog. Today, I know for sure that I was and Nom Nom was a big part of that. Are you interested in trying it for your puppy? This is how:

How Nom Nom works

After filling out a short survey was done so The name of the name can recognize your puppy, Nom Nom will create a meal plan for your pet’s needs. This plan will include pre-made meals filled with fresh ingredients, such as beef, chicken, pork, peas, carrots, kale, and more—that you keep in the refrigerator or freezer. until meal time. Your dog (and by extension, you) will benefit over time. As they develop into different lifestyles, Nom Nom will change their plans, making sure you always feed them the best food for their health.

To many people, dogs are like children, so I love how Nom Nom is. Yes, you’ll be free from the guesswork of mealtimes and a delivery subscription will mean you’ll never have to run another night to the pet store, but Nom Nom cares about my dog’s health as I do. and that’s a huge win for dog parents everywhere. Plus, now you can try it and get 50% off!

The name of the name

Personalized meal plan

Nom Nom Food contains innovative, protein-packed recipes, tailored to your dog’s recommended caloric intake and health needs.

Try it now for 50% off!

Our team measured

I’m not the only girl who had a great experience at Nom Nom. Kirra’s dog, Scout, a graphic artist, is a celebrity at meal times (we mean completely ignoring meals). With Nom Nom, this practice is a thing of the past.

Besides being happy to know that he is giving his puppy Lulu new food. Lucifer for devil-like behavior), Senior Communications Director Keely is excited about the goodness that Nom Nom offers. As many other busy dog ​​moms can relate, Keely knows all too well the feeling of going to feed her pet and realizing she forgot to pick up a bag of fresh food on her way home. With Nom Nom subscriptions and customizable delivery options, saving is easier than ever.

Final thoughts: If it fits your budget, hell yes

If our experience isn’t enough to convince you, other Nom Nom reviews speak for themselves. Whether your dog is very picky, has a food sensitivity, or you just want to give your dog the best (but aren’t we all), you can be sure that Nom Nom’s customized plan will suit your needs perfectly.

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