Nicole Berrie’s tips for the best meltdown

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At some point in my lactose intolerance journey, having constant stomach pains became part of my symptoms. Sometimes it’s easier to laugh about feeling a bit sore all the time than it is to down some delicious vodka pasta. However, I stand by my generation insisting that hot girls have stomach problems, The reward of finally listening to my body always reminds me that happy girls raise their digestion to avoid constant discomfort. Enter Nicole Berrie, founder of Bonberry and the author of Basic HarmonyExpertise in nutrition and listening to your needs – both physically and emotionally.

This week goes by Every girl’s podcast, Nicole shares her philosophy on distinguishing between physical and emotional hunger when it comes to healthy eating. Having overcome eating disorders and addictions through the love of creating delicious food, Nicole is passionate about digestive health. If you’re like me and want to feel your best without restricting yourself to your favorite foods, this is the event for you. Read more about Nicole Berrie’s hack for improving digestion, and check out this week’s episode. Every girl’s podcast for another.

1. Eat more food throughout the day

In addition to eating as much as possible, Nicole follows the practice of combining foods, which essentially means eating in a way that supports digestion and elimination. Often, to make digestion as easy as she allows herself throughout the day, Nicole makes herself a fruit bowl in the morning, with things like sweet potatoes, avocados, and vegetables. cooked in the middle of the day, and finished with weight. proteins and starches.

This does not mean that Nicole follows a strict eating plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. “I have to be independent and think that I am doing things in a way that is good and easy for me at first,” he said. Every girl’s podcast. This means only eating heavy meals as the day progresses to reduce constipation.

2. Eat raw food before cooking

In the podcast, Nicole emphasized that feeling good and energetic is our personal currency: it’s our way of going through life slowly. “Once you get into conscious eating, there’s no need to feel ashamed or guilty about wanting to indulge in amazing sensations,” she said.

Another nutritional component that Nicole incorporates into her life to ensure she is at her best is eating raw foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables, before cooking. According to him, when we eat raw fruits and vegetables, they go through our body quickly, but cooked starches and proteins take longer to digest. Try starting your day with raw food before moving on to cooked dishes, and see how your energy changes throughout the day.

3. Be flexible with yourself and check your passion

A large part of food culture, even when it is well-meaning, is about providing us with a set of appropriate standards for our consumption. “In general, most of us are sick of being told what to eat and how much to eat,” Nicole said. Every girl’s podcast. Listening carefully to our individual bodies for hunger and satiety, as well as spiritual and physical hunger, is the solution to eating in a way that will make us truly satisfied. . This is a smart diet, and it can be an amazing way to support your digestive health without restricting yourself.

Nicole said, “We’ll always read together about how we feel about food. If we feel full after eating certain foods, is it really that hard? The answer is probably not. , which is why Nicole advocates mixing food with digestive health and mindful eating to improve digestion while maintaining our mental health. In her view, life is all about eating delicious things, and having awesome feeling afterwards.