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Look, I love my pets, but I’d be lying if I said they don’t sometimes play havoc with the carefully crafted vibe I’m trying to create in my home. Before I hit zuo on literally anything related to the house, there is one very important thing I have to consider: I love the house (or my husband, who somehow manages to mess up everywhere it goes) somehow destroy a beautiful thing? Sometimes the answer is no, and I can move on without worry. But, the answer is usually yes, and I am forced to pivot. This means I still don’t have the white sofa of my dreams, and the white sofa cover I bought less than a year ago is already in need of replacement. When it comes to making practical decor decisions, I often find myself chasing the styles I’ve saved on my Pinterest board. However, there is one purchase I have now made three different times that combines the style I love with the practicality I want. Yes, I’m talking about it Skins that can be tangled.

If you’ve been around the internet at any point in the last few years, you’ve probably seen an ad singing the praises of Ruggable. The one that finally got me was a woman who pours red wine on a white cloth, picks up everything, throws it in the washing machine, and brings it out as good as new. I bought my first Ruggable three years ago, and it has survived pet accidents, food and drink spills, and beds and blankets like a champ. So much so that when it came time to purchase a rug for the high traffic areas of my home, Ruggable was the obvious choice. If the ad didn’t get you, here’s my review after owning my Ruggable for over four years.

About Ruggable

Jeneva Bell founded Ruggable based on a simple idea: rugs should be as easy and clean as a bed and a rug – no matter what you throw at them. The shoes can be made to be dirt and water resistant and make it suitable for washing machines and dryers. All of this is made possible thanks to Ruggable’s patented two-part system featuring a lightweight cover (design part) and a non-slip pad.

The collection started with a thin, printed cover (think ultra-low) but has since expanded to include extra, shag, jute, and even door textures. You can get whatever style you want, without having to follow your pets, kids, or SO around your house using carpet shampoo. It sounds like a miracle product, and in many ways, it is. But after owning one for several years, I’m qualified to give you the lowdown on a worthwhile Ruggable investment. Because as much as I love my clothes, there are also obvious disadvantages.


They are resistant to water and dirt

I will get to the fact that they are washed at the same time, but without that, these clothes last longer than your regular choice. Because they are water resistant to dirt, spot cleaning is a breeze. I had good luck wiping up small spills (like when my nervous puppy ran at my feet while I was holding the coffee, thus forcing a spill) with a little water and dish soap. Also, the brand has full mesh lead for anything and everything you can think of.

When it comes to large spills or accidents (I also have a senior dog who breaks his recess often in the yard like suggestion than required), cleaning and My little green machine is more than enough. So yes, I can throw my clothes in the washer and dryer, but I don’t always have to. Spot cleaning is really easy.

They can be washed

Ah, why we are all here. The main selling point for Ruggable rugs is the fact that you can throw them in your washer and dryer and pull them out as if nothing happened. It’s really easy, but you can’t do that with any other fabric on the market. However, because of my previous point, complete washing is not necessary. You can usually get away with spot cleaning. That said, if the worst happens (think a fresh pot of spaghetti splatter everywhere At the same time your dog has an accident), you don’t have to deal with professional cleaning and can wash your clothes yourself. The protection is priceless.

There is a style for everyone

Throughout the years, Ruggable has released collection after collection to the point where there is something for everyone, no matter what your home decor style is. Traditional Persian shoes? Check out. More of a Boho gal? Ruggable has you covered. Whether your style is farmhouse, traditional, modern, minimalist, maximalist, or any aesthetic in between, you’re sure to find a ruggable rug for your space. Hell, they even have Barbie collection now.

Their clothes are not just in your room. The brand also offers rugs and doormats, so you can put one in any space in and around your home.


They are not as soft as traditional bags

Unless you choose a platform, plush, or shag Ruggable (which I have never had so I can not speak about their quality), nothing will happen to the fact that the cover The Ruggable’s lower cover is nothing. write home about texture-wise. I use Ruggables in high traffic areas like my entryway to the kitchen, so their functionality far outweighs their comfort. That said, in my living room and dining room, where my feet spend a lot of time on the floor, I chose instead. Loloi CloudPile bed (which is like heaven under my feet).

Apart from offering a variety of covers, Ruggable also offers a non-slip rubber pad option that is more expensive but offers great comfort underfoot. I have this closed pad in my kitchen and it really makes a difference.

His mouth can curl

One of the biggest question marks when it comes to Ruggable mattresses is how well they hold up. The answer, unfortunately, depends on how you take care of your bags and how much traffic they get. My first Ruggable was in the living room of my last house and got a lot of traffic between me, my husband, and our dog. It’s up to two solid years and is still coming out of the washing machine looking like new. One important thing is that the edge of the carpet is now compact. However, not every Ruggable owner gets this.

If you’re one of the unlucky few who ends up curling, some people have had success using carpet tape or a cloth gripper to roll the curls. ‘side, or use steam to blow his mouth. I haven’t tried these fixes myself yet as the curling hasn’t quite reached that level yet, so YMMV.

Putting them on the wrong bed is an Olympic sport

This is less annoying than a true con. This non-slip mat looks great under the Ruggable cover (think Velcro-like). So putting them in place is really a two person job. Even then, my husband and I had to spend a solid 20 minutes on the job every time we put our covers back on the bed. However, as I said before, we must wash them so rarely that this does not come.

The decision

I’m not going to lie, Ruggables aren’t perfect, but they do have their drawbacks. That said, if I had to choose Ruggable or custom rugs in my area that had them again, I would go with Ruggable every time. Life is so busy for me that I always worry about destroying expensive clothes when I can get something more beautiful and useful. At the end of the day, Ruggable wipes a little stress out of my daily life, and that’s a big win.

I am very rugged

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