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How To Get A Fully Funded Master’s & PhD Programs In Canada – Study In Canada And Get Paid Up To $1500 CAD Per Month

Do you know that you can get full funding for your Master’s and PhD programs in Canada? Do you know that you can study in Canada for free and get paid up to $1500 CAD and more per month till you complete your program? Do you know that you can become a Canadian Permanent Resident after graduation.

Upon completing my undergraduate degree, I got a fully funded master’s admission to study Civil and Environmental Engineering in one of Canada’s best universities. The total funding package was worth $45,000CAD per year for a 2 year program. I became a Canadian Permanent Resident a couple of months to the completion of my program. I currently work with the Government of Canada and had also worked with an engineering and consulting firm in the past. Having worked with several members of the faculty (Professors) in my program year, I have gained valuable skills and experience while assisting professors in reviewing applications from prospective PhD and Master’s students. During this process, I was able to decipher the key indices that supervisors use in filtering out top quality candidates from thousands of applicants and subsequently recommending them to the graduate admissions committee.

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Leveraging on this firsthand experience, I have successfully assisted hundreds of candidates in getting accepted into fully funded master’s and PhD programs through direct mentorship over the years. Despite achieving this milestone, I feel the need to reach out to even more aspiring students across the globe and provide them unrestricted access to “classified” information on how to be successful in their hunt for getting a world class graduate education without paying a dime to the university, but instead, let the universities pay them for attending. I have unlocked these secrets in this course titled “Step by Step Guide on How to Get a Full Funding for Master’s and PhD Programs in Canada”.

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This Course walk you through the step by step processes of getting a professor who is willing to sponsor you.

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