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6 Things to Know Before Going to China: From a Specialist

Like every new spot, China can be dubious spot for newcomers to explore – made considerably harder by the troublesome language and non-Romanized content. Be that as it may, Jamie Barys, prime supporter and Head Eating Official of UnTour Food Visits has been helping guide individuals (sightseers and occupants the same) easily through their China experience for quite a long time. Here are her top China tips.



  1. Evade the incredible firewall

On the off chance that you need access to the greater part of the web’s top destinations like Google, Gmail, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and some more, you’ll have to set up a VPN before you show up. When you land, you probably won’t have the option to get to the locales to download them. There are numerous available, however we suggest setting up ExpressVPN or Astrill on your PC, telephone and tablet gadgets before showing up in China.

  1. Go versatile for installments

Alipay and WeChat are ‘super applications’ that are presently more broadly acknowledged than money and cards in China. On these versatile applications, you can examine QR installment codes, move cash, demand taxis, lease bicycles, request food thus. MUCH. MORE. Download either of these applications and tie your Visas to them beforeyou come to China. The two of them have English language renditions.

  1. Ride like a neighborhood

Bicycles: China has been cleared up in bicycle sharing projects – on the off chance that you would prefer not to depend on metros or taxicabs (regularly difficult to flag down in the city), at that point download Ofo or Mobike. This application is excessively advantageous as you can lease a bicycle and leave it anyplace, for RMB 1 (16 pennies) per 30 minutes. There are more than one million shared bicycles on Shanghai’s boulevards alone. We suggest downloading WeChat or Alipay (see above) to make it simpler to pay your refundable store and for each ride, and there are alternatives to lease bicycles through those applications also.

Tram: The metros in China are on the whole spotless, current and English-language inviting, so don’t feel scared to utilize them – they’re really simpler to explore than NYC’s framework. Use Google Maps or MetroMan for tram bearings since Shanghai and Beijing have two of the biggest tram frameworks on the planet, and it will show you the quickest exchange courses.

Cabs: Flag down cabs by holding up in the uncommon taxi line at air terminals and train stations. Never react to any individual who approaches you offering taxi administrations – you are destined to be defrauded.

Uber’s Chinese activities arm was bought by neighborhood vehicle hailing application Didi Chuxing in 2016, and the new proprietors expeditiously made it outlandish for outsiders to utilize Uber in China. It’s currently a totally unique application than the one you use somewhere else on the planet. In any case, the uplifting news is Didi Chuxing propelled an English language application in 2017. You can call taxis, private vehicles and shared vehicles from a universal number, just as utilize a global Mastercard. Quest your application store for ‘Didi Chuxing’ to discover it – or call a vehicle on Didi utilizing Alipay or WeChat.

Star tip: The entirety of China’s road signs is written in English and Chinese characters, and remember the cardinal course for the sign. Search for N/S/E/W to tell which heading you are strolling in – and don’t be shocked if individuals give you bearings advising you to “walk north two squares”.

  1. Use Google Maps disconnected

Apple Maps is certainly not solid in China, and Baidu Maps is incredible for the individuals who are Chinese-character-proficient. In the event that you can’t peruse Chinese characters, at that point Google Maps is your smartest choice for getting around (ensure you have that VPN first). What’s more, remember, on the off chance that you load Google maps and star or snap ‘put something aside’ for the spots you’re wanting to visit, you’ll despite everything have your area and the featured spots, regardless of whether you don’t have web when you’re in a hurry.

  1. Prepare your characters

Chinese cab drivers won’t talk any English, nor will they have the option to peruse pinyin. Continuously ensure you have the full location of where you are going in Chinese characters (counting the nearest convergence) and keep your inn’s location with you so you can get back without any problem. On the off chance that you have a VPN, Google Interpret will work incredible. Or on the other hand download Pleco for a Chinese word reference.

  1. Continuously convey tissue and hand sanitizer

Most bathrooms at global and upscale Chinese cafés will come outfitted with tissue and cleanser. This isn’t the situation all over the place. It’s ideal to convey a little parcel of tissues with you consistently, alongside that extremely significant fluid sani. In spite of the fact that the circumstance is modernizing, China is still notable for vagrant latrines, which by and large take after a basic porcelain gap at ground level. While unavoidable in the event that you travel in provincial China, western-style latrines are ordinary in enormous urban areas, for example, Beijing and Shanghai. Search for them in five-star inns, Starbucks, shopping centers and other mid to very good quality turns of events – you can generally simply walk directly in to utilize the latrines at these spots.