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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Demand in Canada in 2020

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Demand in Canada in 2020

Do you have experience and want to apply for one of the thousands of jobs in Canada’s agricultural, food processing or trucking and transportation sectors? Well, you may be in luck!

Canada has made it easier and faster to apply for your visa to migrate to Canada by waiving minimum recruitment requirements for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications in these top-paying in demand unskilled occupations:

  • Butchers, meat cutters and fishmongers-retail and wholesale (NOC 6331)
  • Transport Truck Drivers (NOC 7511)
  • Agricultural service contractors, farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers (NOC 8252)
  • General Farm Workers (NOC 8431)
  • Nursery and Greenhouse Workers (NOC 8432)
  • Harvesting labourers (NOC 8611)
  • Fish and seafood plant workers (NOC 9463)
  • Labourers in food, beverage and associated products processing (NOC 9617)
  • Labourers in fish and seafood processing (NOC 9618)
  • Industrial butchers and meat cutters, poultry preparers and related workers (NOC 9462)

Usually, employers have to advertise a position for approximately 3 months before they can consider employing foreign workers for the position, however, employers no longer have to do so due to the high demand for workers in these sectors. As an unskilled worker, you could stand to earn up to $77,903 per year!

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Canada aims to invite 1 million newcomers to live and work in Canada by 2022 and has not shown any signs of slowing down, despite the COVID-19 pandemic putting an added strain on the country’s economy.

The Government continues to process Canadian visa applications and recognises that immigrant workers are essential to help address the impact that the Coronavirus has had on its labour market. Economists have predicted that the Canadian economy should bounce back after lockdown measures have subsided, which means it’s the perfect time to get your visa application in early.

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Interested in getting started on your application? Don’t waste time or risk this great opportunity to turn your life around, for both you and your loved ones. That’s right. Even though Canada is on lockdown, as a primary applicant you can still sponsor your family to join you when you apply to live and work in Canada. Here are 10 of the most in-demand unskilled jobs in Canada in 2020:

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for Unskilled Workers in 2020  
Occupation Average Salary per Year
1. Truck Driver $45,825 – $77,903
2. Industrial Butcher $38,123 – $45,045
3. Farm Supervisor $35,939 – $49,286
4. Fish man $29,250 – $44,850
5. Farm worker $27,300 – $46,410
6. Nursery and Greenhouse Workers $27,300 – $29,250
7. Harvesting Labourer $27,300 – $27,690
8. Food and seafood worker $25,350 – $29,908
9. Fish Plant Worker $25,350 – $29,908
10. Food and beverage server $24,668 – $30,377