I tried on a mini skirt that everyone loved Abercrombie

After a long, hard winter, there’s nothing like that first day when you can wear a skirt and let your legs go again (but no, we’re not advocating any “I don’t want to show my legs” nonsense around here- similar.short cut!). It shows that the new season is really here, and it’s always good to let the jeans be put on the backburner for a bit. And after trying on a number of denim and linen shirts for summer, our team has shown that they love Abercrombie above all others.

Short dresses have come a long way from the cheek-revealing days of yesteryear, and Abercrombie’s 2023 selection proves that they can feel (and look!) just as sleek and smooth as any long dress. you have in your house. But when you’re actually going to add a pair to your cart and choose between mom shorts and dad shorts and ’90s shorts, it can be hard to know which pair is what you’re looking for—whether that’s where we come in.

I’ve ordered every pair of Abercrombie shorts available now, tried them on, and broken down each pair for you, so you can find the ones you like best. (It doesn’t hurt that I already have and love a pair—and you’ll soon see why). Plus, right now, they’re all 20% off. It’s a short season, baby, and we couldn’t be more ready for it.

These are my favorite mini skirts from last summer. They are the perfect length; Not too short or long range. They are almost the same as my other favorite pair of denim shorts, and to be honest, I prefer the Agolde Parker shorts, which run twice the price. They are comfortable, relaxed, and are the way I do it-all of which I keep on top of my short sleeves that reach for most.

Although I opted for a cross-waist pair last summer, I wanted to go a little darker for this summer, and these are the perfect pair. The pair above is one size smaller than the pair below, but they both fit well—what size you choose depends on what you like in denim shorts. They shape your body a bit when you wear them, so your size really works, but if you want a more comfortable fit, I would go up a size.

Size: True to size

Let me say that I thought I was going to absolutely hate these, and actually ended up loving them. These are actually the shortest of the bunch, and are true, ’90s-esque cut-off that shows a lot of leg (but don’t worry – they’re not so short that your cheeks are sticking out from the bottom).

I’m afraid these will remind me of high school denim skirts, but since they are high, they have a different feel. If you want short denim shorts, these are your win.

Size: True to size

After the classic Papa Shorts, this 7-inch model is the second most versatile denim shorts. I love the look of long denim shorts; they always feel awesome and high above a pair, these are so sweet, I can’t stop reaching for them. I got one size for fear they would be too tight on my legs and look like bermudas, they fit me perfectly.

I wear these so much that I want a second wash, and love the idea of ​​a black pair. With a white tank and sandals, they make for an easy, seamless summer outfit I know I’ll be leaning on for everything from happy hour to running errands. I just love the side slit this pair has as well. These are automatic for me.

Sizing: Make the fit smaller

I’m a sucker for a pair of oversized denim shorts, and this one is Abercrombie’s best. Their length makes them more comfortable, but if you are someone who doesn’t like the feeling of denim shorts, I promise you will like these. Feeding and bathing also make them feel great, and give them a little more control if needed. They offer that “my mom saved me these things from the ’80s” look that isn’t easy to find, and it’s worth snagging when you do. These are my usual sizes, I wouldn’t recommend getting a size up because they fit snugly.

Size: True to size

These people have great potential, but unfortunately they are small. These fit like gloves, but I would like a size that would allow for a little more room in the leg area. However, if they were the right size, I would absolutely love these. They are a little more suitable than the father’s shorts, and are a true classic denim shorts that are perfect not short, not too long that I think will be really flattering to everyone. I’ve always felt that Abercrombie’s mom jeans are comfortable, and I feel the same way about the shorts.

Size: It runs small-sized

How delicious are these?! I have the jean version of these shorts in black and wear them all the time, so when I saw this pair of white shorts, I couldn’t help but click add to cart. It’s hard to make shorts that feel truly unique, but the touch of leather and the two-tone effect do just that. 10/10, rocking.

Size: True to size

These are the closest of the linen options I’ve tried, but I love them so much. If you’re looking for something that feels a little more upscale, these are great options. I find them to be very comfortable and fun, and are a really cute pair of shorts that you can wear on repeat all the time.

Size: True to size

It’s hard to tell because of the color, but these are similar to the shorts on the top, but they pull on the string. These things allow you to sit in them or make them tired depending on what you combine them with, because they can also be a pair of pajama bottoms, they are very better. I have two pairs of these and I wore them all the time last summer. If you like working from home, these would be great additions to your wardrobe that look more sophisticated than a pair of sweats or a skirt and – run.

Size: True to size

I have an Abercrombie tailored suit, but this linen style completely stole my heart. I keep checking myself in the mirror when I wear them because they are unbelievably flattering. They’re another way to bring a little sparkle to a casual look, and can be dressed up or down depending on what you’re going with every day. In addition to being versatile, of course, they are incredibly cheap.

Size: True to size

If having short skin is not good, I don’t want to be good. I know they sound like a huge oxymoron, but I have a pair of leather shorts that I wear all the time. Since they cover a small leg, they don’t feel any warmer than denim skirts, and are perfect for a day out or a night out with friends. I’ve had many situations where I’d wear a better shirt, but the weather is hot and I don’t want to wear my denim pants or skirt, this is what I always reach for.

Size: True to size

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