I tried Glow Band Leggings – Here are my thoughts

If there’s one thing you must know about me, it’s that I love pizza. My bowels, on the other hand, are not. Case in point: I often have stomach pains and continue to be sore even the next day when I have a slice or two. Although I don’t always struggle with constipation, it is becoming more common as I get older and I know about it. So when I saw Emma Lou The Labelgame icon has “bloat reducing” leggings.I will try them.

As a personal trainer and president & co-founder of Emma Lou The Label, Emma Vollrath heard how many of her clients struggle with low-grade constipation and wanted to create a non-pharmaceutical product that it’s a bad waist trainer to help them. Enter Glow Band. The Glow Band is a thermoplastic material added to the waist of leggings created by Vollrath to help control excess water, reduce constipation, and release toxins. How is this possible, you ask? Read on to learn about the ideas behind the Glow Band leggings, my experience trying them out, and whether or not they work.

How it works

Remember those plastic-looking sweatsuits that were popular in the ’80s? Or the situation inside Silver linings Playbook where Bradley Cooper wears a straw bag while jogging? Well, the Glow Band itself is such an idea. A warming agent is used that can help in relieving constipation. Think of it as your own personal sauna for just your lower abdomen. “When you stay warm in one place – in this case, the lower abdomen – you gradually increase your body temperature, which helps reduce excess water and bloating as a result increased sweating and regulation,” explained Vollrath. The Glow Band works by preventing water retention, as well as helping the body absorb toxins (by creating sweat).

My experience

After looking through the various options on the site, I made my choice Toby Seth (because your girl loves neutrality), and looks forward to her arrival. Once I had the parts in hand, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the fabric and the stitching. I don’t know what to expect from a small brand, but the pieces are just as good as—if not better than—some of my other high-end workout clothes.

First of all, I wore a small shirt while working at home. I was wondering if I would notice any effect from the Glow Band if I wasn’t working out, I was shocked when I realized that my lower abdomen felt warmer than the rest of my body. sitting at my desk. The next time I wore my bike shorts was in the morning HIIT workout. I rarely sweat, but that’s not how I play sports Toby Sculpt & Sweat Shorts. After the workout, I felt hotter than usual and my lower abdomen under the Glow Band was there sweat, so they actually work to get the heat moving around the area.

As for whether they help beat bloat? Since I usually work out in the mornings (which is when I tend to sweat), it’s hard to say whether the Glow Band helped or not, but I felt the effects last longer than the feeling strong in my hips helped. I sweat (may be useful in supporting the lymphatic system to help detoxify the body).

The last case

Obviously these leggings aren’t the answer to dairy and gluten (and they don’t say they are), but I think they’re a great option to help reduce water retention. Of course, they’re not a magic cure for bloating problems (there are many possible causes of bloat), but the Glow Band does work to keep sweat away. In other words, washing your body is what provides the benefits of reduction in water retention and elimination of toxins. These leggings can help in generating sweat in your stomach area, but yYou can also get the benefits of working up a sweat from a hot yoga class, sauna, steam bath, etc. I love having this option as a little extra for any type of workout or even when I’m working out.

These have also become my go-to leggings during my pregnancy when I’m feeling a little down or after a night out and I’ve had one too many glasses of Sauv Blanc (no scientific data to back this up, but I have. found that they help me feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable when I usually do). Pain-relieving benefits aside, these leggings are comfortable and make me feel good, so you might find me picking them up from the grocery store next time I run to sleep. sleep at home. IMO, they are not magic leggings that are going to completely lose all bloat forever, and you can get the benefits they claim by working out any kind of sweat in other ways. But if you like to add a bit of support to your body in a way that doesn’t matter as much as I do, they’re definitely worth a try.

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