I tried and reviewed 7 of the most popular skins

If there is one thing that is not disputed in the world of beauty now, it is that hydrated, dewy skin is in. Gone are the days of full-coverage, matte foundations to caked our faces under triangles of concealer under our eyes (and I mean, good riddance). Agent? Flesh tints that fade away the flesh but leave you looking healthy, natural, and alive.

If there is one beauty product that I would consider myself an expert in, it’s a good skin tint. I have probably the driest skin known to man, and my face hasn’t produced any oil since 2008. This means that no matter how much I want them to, products with a lot of coverage just don’t work for me. . Anything with a lot of coverage emphasizes dryness to me, so I turned to the world of skin tints as the main makeup of the range. And let me tell you, they have come a long way.

As everyone with their mother has been on a boat covering the days of yore and dove into the beauty that is leather, almost any type of beauty you can name has been produced one- which means that it is not easy to decide which. one is for you. Enter: My ultimate skin tint test of 2023.

I decided to try, wear, and review seven of the most popular skin tints to break down what makes each one unique and what makes each one the best. Conclusion: You are looking to find your favorite new color product.

Tower 28 SunnyDays Tinted Sunscreen Foundation is a fragrance-free sunscreen with buildable coverage and a natural finish that’s great for sensitive skin. It’s also clean and comfortable and costs $32.

Sunscreens are too irritating for sensitive skin, so the claim of being safe for sensitive skin was a huge selling point for me. I love the idea of ​​using this for those summer days when it’s hot and you want a little something on your face, and this is just that for me. The coverage is light and dewy but somehow makes you look like you’re wearing nothing on your skin. All in all, I think this would be a great product to throw in place of my sunscreen when I’m going to the beach or pool and want a little more life.

I put this on with my fingers right after my skincare routine, and it’s great for makeup days and days when I don’t have a meeting, I want to be live on Zoom but I don’t want to freak out. I know this will be my perfect product for summer and something I always reach for. As far as tinted sunscreens go, this is the best.

Perfect for: The day you need something completely without any problems to protect your skin

Ilia’s Super Serum Skin Tint is a sheer tinted tinted SPF 40 with light coverage and a natural finish. This is a cult favorite product—I’ve seen it on Instagram and TikTok for years, so I’m super excited to offer it for the first time.

I quickly learned how important it is to really shake the product before using it. I also removed the dropper and pumped out some of the newly shaken serum so it wouldn’t be oily or separate from the application. Apparently it has a serum-like, liquid-y texture that sinks into the skin like a skincare routine. It’s the most expensive of the bunch at $48, which for a skin tint is hefty and is why I didn’t pick it up before.

This bothers me a lot. When I put it on, it makes me feel good, even skin and dewy looking too water. One of the biggest problems I have is that products look dewy and hydrating at first, but throughout the day they make my skin too hot, but this is no problem at all. When I take it off at the end of the day, I think my skin still looks the way it did when I first put it on (even after 12 hours).

I was surprised at the cost of this insurance. I really noticed that it gave me light-medium coverage in a way that I think is pleasant both for everyday wear and if I go out or go to the office and need more makeup . I think about all the tints that I have tried, this one feels the most versatile and is the one that I reach for when I have an event where I know that my skin needs to look good for some time. There’s a reason this product is getting so much hype – it’s really amazing.

Perfect for: Everyone wants a skin tint that will make the skin look dewy and even throughout the day

When I saw that Rare Beauty was coming out in a tinted liquid, I was messaging my friends about it within seconds. I haven’t tried a product from them that I haven’t liked, and Selena won’t do us any wrong with a product launch. No one was surprised, this was very strange. It has light coverage and a glossy finish with SPF 20 and runs at $29, making it the cheapest of the Sephora bunch.

Off the bat, I found this to be very similar to the Mac’s face and body settings. It’s quite large in application but can be built up and still looks flawless. It’s a tried and tested tinted liquid that you know you can reach for and trust to make you feel alive and get eight hours of sleep. I use it without a primer or anything underneath, and it really breaks down and makes all my pores disappear.

Although this tinted moisturizer is really shiny, since my skin is dry, I find it has a nice natural texture like skin on me. During the day, it turned out a little more on me, but on someone with oily skin, I would feel like it would stay on all day. I can definitely see how this is a cult favorite product.

Perfect for: Who wants a reliable tinted moisturizer to wear every day

I ordered this product the day it launched and have been loving it ever since. It has a light to medium coverage, provides a natural finish, and boasts a brightening and smoothing action that lasts all day. The traffic for this was bad since it was released and it sold out a few months after it was released.

Of all the skin tints I’ve used, this is the most pigmented. It makes my pores and imperfections disappear and lasts all day long. It feels like a filter on my skin and has a little bit of coverage that makes me reach for it on days when I have a zit that I want to cover.

Since I have dry skin this has a natural finish, it runs more on the matte side for me personally. But I see that when I use something luminous below, like Sai Glowy Super Gel (as I did here), it gives me the best of both worlds and keeps my skin from feeling dry at the end of the day. I wore this for full, 90-degree heat days, and it survived sweat, rain, and snow and was still beautiful at the end of the day. This is something I will always have in my arsenal, especially come summer.

Perfect for: Everyone wants a bright skin tint that will cover blemishes without any problem

If I’m being honest, many months ago, I saw this in my mother’s vanity, and when I stole it, I decided it wasn’t mine. But after putting it to the test with new qualifications and a new set of eyes, I don’t know what I think because this product is very amazing.

Unlike other tints, Kosas Tinted Face Oil has an opaque (light-resistant) coating and a satin finish. You can tell the difference in coverage right away when you use it, and as a light concealer gal, this is the highest coverage I can handle on my skin. But as concealer products go, this might be my favorite that I’ve tried.

Since this is an oil, it’s a very special, liquid-y substance and should be shaken well before use. Although the liquid in it makes you think that it can be very good, it provides good coverage and little product. I found it to be very dewy upon application, which gets thicker throughout the day, but not in a drying way.

When I went out for the night last week, I reached for this over-the-top foundation, and a few hours into the night, I went to the bathroom and noticed how good my skin was. . At $42, it’s not cheap, but since it can be substituted for regular foundation, I don’t think it’s a deal breaker. I can say that this will be a holy grail product for me and would recommend it to anyone.

Perfect for: If you want your skin tint to have good coverage

When interested Lip bar from afar to years now, I’m excited to see it at my Target and be able to see all the products in real life. This product is a recent launch, and they have all eight shades in stock at my Target for $17.

Although this is between drugstore and high-end products, it performed as well as the ones I tried that were more than twice the price. It has a strong, buildable coating and is infused with hyaluronic acid to keep the skin soft and plump throughout the day. It claims to moisturize all day with just a tint of pigment that makes your skin look like skin, which is perfect.

The lipstick was created for women of color and is known for having a range of shades that are made for women of color. In the store, the lightest shade seemed like it might be too dark for me but ended up working really well with my skin tone and blended out perfectly.

I was totally surprised by the finish this gave my skin and how hydrated it was. It feels like a real tinted moisturizer, and I compared it to the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer that I’ve been using for years, but that’s more than twice the price. It takes a lot of effort to be beautiful, and although it doesn’t make the skin like some of the other tints do, the feeling of moisturizing is enough to make me go back to it.

Perfect for: Everyone needs a good tinted moisturizer

I went on a wild goose chase to find this over the winter when it was the only product I saw on my TikTok and it was sold out everywhere. I don’t think I’ve ever found a product that I liked after seeing how good it looked on people.

I think this product is very nice. It’s a great tint that brightens up your skin when you shower, but for whatever reason, unfortunately, I broke out a bit. My skin doesn’t like L’Oreal products, so maybe it’s my thing, but if not, I’ll use this regularly.

The selling point of this product for me is how radiant it makes my skin look all day long. Although at times I feel like I’m watering myself down, this made me look like I’m glowing with life. It’s not too dewy but it doesn’t dry out throughout the day, so I can see this working on any skin type.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to tint will make it better and healthier

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