I found the best thing going on the top for being on it

March 12, 2023 By:

I never believed this idea was “going off the top” until about a month ago. In college, I remember that I change no less than 100 significant times before leaving-I go-to-now a combination of big tees, sweaters, and a blazer, which (in a hurry) and -not so good on a weekend evening.

Just a few weeks ago, though – during what we can describe as the peak of NO GETTING OUT – something made me a believer: This is high on Instagram. I want to know my 21-year-old self: This is it! This is the top going away! It has a square-ish neck, dips into the armpits, shows some décolleté, but is still attached (ribbed!). Bonus: It’s perfect for a cold autumn evening.

If I’m going out anywhere, this will be where I go. So far, it will be my most popular presence, which I am determined to do.

Left hand: Khaite spring/summer 2020; Right: Khaite Fall/Winter 2020 by Vogue Runway

Do you remember when Khaite walked this volume under the runway and both water and Fall 2020 runway show? If you didn’t, I’m here to let you know they did! (Is this his style is similar, and the deposit-level money tag.) Now, I have started to see this voice everywhere, I would like to describe this as the beginning of a deep dive into exit / stay on top . One thing I would like to note is that the above I found is “one size fits all,” which I believe is not true. one size fits all. So I have provided some great options below in many sizes so you can copy lewk!

Have you ever tried wearing a nice shirt and…a pair of sweatpants? If you haven’t, I have good news! It’s an instant mood booster. Wearing a nice shirt is like wearing mascara: It doesn’t hurt, and it *can* make you look better in person – but it takes a little mental work, which is what I’m here for. help with. This one is the best thing, makes the mood higher all around. Fortunately, it doubles as a perfect surface for landing.

Above: Source unknown; Sweatpants: Aritia; Shoes: Nicole Saldaña; Bag: Great Lent; Sunglasses: Aperçu X Alyssa Coscarelli; Bracelet: Lizzie Fortunato; Necklace: Wine

What should I wear with it? Of course those aforementioned sweatpants. That’s what I thought immediately when I saw the top, although I also thought that I thought I was wearing it with some big long legs at my sister’s wedding. Or think it would look good with pants or leggings, and an oversized denim shirt (unbuttoned, of course)? Perfection.

That’s how it is YES will manage it (or land). What’s the best thing to wear when you’re out and about? No restrictions: Wear it indoors or out (in public, please).