How your Midheaven sign can help you in life

Are you on the road in life? Don’t know where to go? I feel you. Just a few years ago, I found myself in the same place searching for meaning and direction. I just returned home after a few years abroad and needed a career change, or at least a change some kind of change, and the right effect. Where is my North Star? If only there was some kind of pattern or sign pointing me in the right direction.

It turns out my answer is in the stars! While delving into my birth chart during a night of drinking at home, I discovered the center of the heavens for the first time – my North Star. I was waiting for a clear path and a leader to guide me, but my celestial center in Leo showed me that I was meant to create my own path and lead others. Now that I have half of the puzzle, I took some time for self-reflection to understand better What I want to lead.

With all the changes that are happening in my life, I feel very lonely. I want to be a support system for others so they don’t have to feel that way. As an introvert, reaching out and building connections with people is it is not easy way for me (terrible even), but my midheaven in Leo showed me that the work behind-the-making will not cut it if I want to create a real change. I need to be a shining example of who I want to be during my difficult times.

Once I started using my celestial center for my own good, my life started to change for the better and I felt more positive. Because of this, as well as working with the midheaven throughout my astrological career, I have discovered how powerful knowing your midheaven is when it comes to solving life-long puzzles of how to live your life.

What is Midheaven?

In astrology, the midheaven is the highest point in the sky when we are born. It represents how others view us and how our natural gifts are when we are on earth. In order to live your inner heaven well, it is important to reflect and know your inner desires, goals and passions. Once you know your inner world well, you can use your midheaven as a vehicle for action.

How to find your Midheaven

To find your celestial center, you must first upload your birth chart (I love you for this). Be sure to select “Full icon” for the home system. Generally, the midheaven is in the 10thth house, but can be found in 8th9th11thor even 12th house and some charts.

In my birth chart below, you’ll see it says “MC” at 10th house. This is the center of my heaven. On the outer ring of the circle, you can see the zodiac sign for each house. In my case, 10 mth house and center of heaven is in the sign of Leo.

What does each Midheaven mean?

Midheaven in Aries: The Creator

Harassment – what is that? As an Aries midheaven, you’re a fearless force to wield. A natural creator and presenter, you find purpose in bringing your ideas and values ​​to life through innovation. You feel the most when you’re leading an entrepreneurial business, working in a high-energy field, or focusing on making your own dreams come true, whether that means owning a home, traveling world, or depend on your creativity.

Midheaven in Taurus: Safety Net

Comfort, stability, and protection are the MO of the Taurus midheaven. No matter which way you choose to go, creating stability and comfort for yourself will help you really get your point across. Taurus midheavens are good at managing money and physical space. For example, this can be like owning a property or creating a safe and healthy space for yourself and others to thrive.

Midheaven in Gemini: The Explorer

As a Gemini midheaven, you take the advice of not putting all your eggs in one basket to heart… by putting one egg in it. either way chat instead. You may feel like it’s impossible to stay focused on one area when there are so many things to see in life. The good news is that curiosity is meant to be used as a strength and pursuing a lifestyle or career that allows you to ask questions, explore new ideas, and experience as much as possible.

Midheaven and Cancer: Mother

Cancer is fertile, but that does not mean that it will be made into mothers. Instead, you can use your loving and sensitive nature to seize opportunities and make others feel better about being seen, heard, and loved. Or maybe use these skills to “mom” something else, like a city, a new job, or a farm full of fur.

Midheaven in Leo: A Mindful Leader

Leo midheavens are viewed as inspiring and fair leaders in their families, communities, or careers. To achieve your goals, you must take what is important to you and put it into practice. For this midheaven sign, it’s important to lead from the heart and express yourself well on a personal and creative level. In turn, this inspires others to do the same.

Midheaven in Virgo: The organizer

Virgo midheavens love a good challenge. Whether you’re organizing data to find the truth or helping people get their lives in order, you get satisfaction from organizing and keeping things that work. Many Virgo midheavens have the perfect image of the world in their heads and they won’t rest until they make it a reality.

Midheaven in Libra: The Bridge

Libra midheavens are great conjunctions. You have a strong ability to understand that things are not black and white—there are infinite opinions, and they all hold a part of the truth. With this entry, you will be able to serve as a mediator and bring different people and different ideas together, knowing that good solutions come from diversity and cooperation.

Midheaven in Scorpio: The Alchemist

Not everyone is comfortable talking about the deep, dark, hidden parts of themselves, but that’s where Scorpio midheavens come in. You understand that we become stronger and stronger when we talk about the parts of ourselves that make us feel ashamed. When you are in your power and speak your mind, you can help others process their trauma and become their own version of themselves.

Midheaven in Sagittarius: Philosopher

Sagittarius midheavens love to explore and dive deep to find what’s behind it all. Whether you travel the world to gain a deeper understanding of it or explore the depths of the mind, your gift is to gather knowledge and share it with others. People with this sign are often interested in careers in teaching, writing, or philosophy.

Midheaven in Capricorn: The President

Capricorn midheaven makes extraordinary leaders. Whether it’s business, family, or change, you have the ability, dedication, tenacity, and vision to keep people moving forward in the face of challenges. You know very well how to delegate tasks to others and ensure that the tasks are completed. You know what they say, “Every great change is led by the Capricorn midheaven” (Okay, no one ever said that but it might be true.).

Midheaven in Aquarius: The Creator

And seriously Zenon: Woman of the 21stSt A hundred years Strong, Aquarius midheavens focus on making their own way and telling everyone about it. You see the future as exciting, limitless, and unpredictable and strive to make your mark on it. Whether you’re a thought leader for breakthrough ideas or creating new technologies, you’re meant to create the future right here, right now.

Midheaven in Pisces: The Empath

Empowering collective consciousness is not easy, but Pisces midheavens are able to use compassion and empathy as strength. You have a unique ability to meet almost everyone where they are and help them get more in touch with themselves and their spirituality. When it comes to creating and holding space for emotional flow without judgment, Pisces midheavens are unparalleled.

How to use your Midheaven to your advantage

After you know what your inner circle is asking of you, the next step to finding your purpose is to think about what you really want in life – whether it’s career related or not. Journaling, meditation, and long conversations with friends are all good ways to do this, but the best way is whatever feels right for you. Once you know What Pulling in your chest, use your upper body to grasp What you can get it.

I mentioned above that my midheaven in Leo showed me that I could make people feel less alone by leading by example. If my celestial center is in Taurus, the best way for me might be to create a space for people to gather. If my celestial center is in Aquarius, maybe I’ll invent new tools to help people connect with each other on a deeper level. The key is to understand how your deepest desires and your celestial center can work together and follow what is right.

By pursuing your goals and following your heart, you can create a fulfilling life for yourself and inspire others to do the same.

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