How to Wear Cowboy Boots in 2023

If you haven’t noticed by now, cowboy boots have become the latest and greatest everyday footwear. Wait, what? Yes! Are you planning to wear a dress to go with sneakers or summer shoes? Try grabbing a pair of cowboy boots instead. They combine well with everything and make the sunset to be the main thing. Don’t believe us? They are very easy as styling knee-high boots, hell, maybe even easier.

After cowboy boots technology Fashion has never gone out of fashion—they are American fashion—they wear more casual clothes than they used to. The phrase “cow shoes” conjures up the image of a man in the middle of a calf, brown shoes – but now, they are more than that. Available in all the colors and styles and vibes you can dream up, there’s a style that can suit everyone’s style.

If you’re looking to inject a little fun into your outfit, working cowboy boots into your everyday outfit is the way to go. We go into the best ways to make them, plus how you can make them feel special to you.

How to Wear Cowboy Boots

At the end of the day, cowboy boots can be used with just about anything you choose to pair them with. However, before you jump in, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Where do you go in your shoes?

It’s no secret that all shoes have a break-in period. Before you step out in your cowboy boots, make sure you know your comfort level. Will you be on your feet all day? Will you be away from home for a long time? This is important to keep in mind if your shoes are new and still need to adjust to your feet.

What do you want to stand out in your clothes?

When you throw cowboy boots on your outfit, chances are, they will make the best statement of your look. That being said, do you want to wear them in a casual, I-threw-these-on way, or these-stars-of-my-clothes way? Cowboy boots with jeans and a tee? Effortless and chic. Cowboy boots with a maxi skirt and a corset? That makes a beach cowgirl statement.

Don’t forget to give them some TLC

Cowboy boots are known for their durability, but it is still important to treat them well to ensure their longevity. If yours is leather, try treating them with a leather conditioner and using a leather conditioner to make them shine. Investing in a pair of shoes will help them keep their shape when you’re not wearing them. With a little extra love, they’ll be in style in no time.

8 Cowboy boots

Are you ready to go looking for ways to wear them? These eight outfits are the best place to start.

Denim shorts and cowboy boots

You don’t have to go to the rodeo to pull off this look. We start with the classic cutoff shorts and cowboy boots that speak for themselves. Instead of reaching for your summer boots to wear with your shorts, opt for your cowboy boots instead. They will elevate the simple outfit and make it appropriate for any day – or any night – in the city. Come on, the world is your oyster. Regardless of whether you choose a simple top or a flowing and boho one, the dress is guaranteed to be a slam dunk. Don’t forget to pair the look with a purse and your favorite sunnies.

A skirt with cowboy boots

Combining a skirt with cowboy boots creates a perfect summer outfit by mixing the femininity of the dress with the boots. If you’re looking to play up the Western style even more, throw on a denim or fringed jacket to look the part.

Cowboy boots and the perfect outfit

Fringe and cowboy boots go together like florals and spring. While it may not seem like much of a buzz, fringe is having a bit of a moment at the moment, and with summer just around the corner, we’re itching to get our hands on something with some fringe tassels. Not only will you be channeling your inner Swiftie, you’ll be rocking an outgoing look that will earn you praise.

Denim maxi boots and cowboy boots

With the recent resurgence of the maxi skirt, it only makes sense to pair yours with your cowboy boots. Pairing your cowboy boots with a long skirt or dress brings romance to the look, and when your maxi skirt is denim, you’ll pull off a cute girl, Western chic look that’s worthy of an Instagram OOTD post. In terms of accessories, you can leave the shape off or throw a leather jacket on top if it’s hot.

Jeans with cowboy boots

These shoes are made for walkin’, but they’re also made to be seen. Some days shorts or skirts just don’t cut it, and you really want to reach for your jeans while still showing off your cowboy boots. Story Flash: You There have the best of both worlds. Tucking your jeans into your boots (hey, it’s what cowboys do) is a great way to switch up an outfit.

Not sure which jeans to wear with your cowboy boots? Red jeans will bring a more biker vibe to the look, while straight leg jeans or even wide leg jeans will make things more street style. . Either way, an oversized jacket or blazer goes well with this outfit.

Summer clothes and cowboy boots

Every summer, I find myself reaching for my staple sundress for months on end. Whether yours is a little romantic like the one above, or a flowing maxi dress, cowboy boots are the perfect way to freshen up your outfit this year. Whether you include white shoes, suede, or leather, the look will go from visible to a sunset point that will turn heads.

Cowboy boots and denim clothes

If you’re scared of denim-on-denim, go easy on the vibe with a denim shirt. Denim dresses can be styled in endless ways, but pairing them with cowboy boots takes it to another level. Have fun with accessories like neck scarves or purses in bright colors to bring some color into your eyes. Once fall rolls around, this look is just as wearable; you can throw on tights and a cardigan to make the look more comfortable. (Sorry, shoe dropped, looks like you may be replaced this year.)

Cowboy boots with a one-piece unitard

We can’t tell what’s better: the amount of looks you can get away with in a simple unitard or the truth and comfort—something out of this world. Topic: how a unitard looks with a white button-down and cowboy boots. It delivers “I’m sold out of bed and thrown out” in the best possible way.

Our favorite cowboy boots

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