How to rock this Italian style this summer

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Summer always brings the desire to dress a little… Mediterranean. Or because we are trying to prove this Mama Mia summer or just because the weather calls for warm clothes, little makeup, and undone hair, European fashion is popular in the summer months. All this to say, it makes sense that the latest fashion trend on TikTok is in demand around the Italian fashion scene.

We’re used to the clothes that French women crave, but Italian women entering the fashion conversation is a blessing we didn’t know we needed. While French fashion often has high points, understated beauty, and understated styles, Italian women’s fashion is more daring—and perfect for summer. We break it all down here.

What is the Italian-child style?

We had a deep understanding of Italian style last summer, when it seemed like everyone took a summer trip to Italy with their mother. Whether you’re discovering the contents of the bags of your favorite influencers or the Italian women themselves—like Chiara Ferragni and Veronica Ferraro— the main aesthetic remains the same.

Italian fashion lives close to maximalism, with bold prints, statement accessories, and luxe fabrics at its core. Whether on the coast of Amalfi or on the cobblestone streets of Rome, natural fabrics, infusions of colors and patterns, and effortless silhouettes make Italian women’s clothing.

The Italian style is also shrugging off the shoulders with cool luxury, with pieces like linen sundresses, breezy skirts, and full-length shirts also in rotation. It’s a vibe that brings fun and nonchalance above all else.

How to nail it

As you prepare for summer and prepare your clothes, it’s time to do as the Romans do. These summer pieces inspired by Italian women will help you put your beauty to a T.


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