How to reconnect with your partner this week

When you have an endless number of emails in your inbox waiting for a response, unread text messages demanding your attention, and piles of laundry begging to be folded and put away, little is available. to hug each other or tell them how you think about them can. easy to slip into the back of your mind. But when this goes on for a few days (or weeks), feeling withdrawn from your partner can be easier than you think. How do I know this? Well, I’ve been there—and I’m willing to bet you have, too.

If I am right (and I think I am for this) and you are wondering how to connect with your partner when your daily stress is increasing, I am sharing my personal methods I trust to help me get into my own. A personal partner, and luckily for you, they don’t interfere with your movements or your big time – while I know you probably don’t feel like you have much of that right now. These tips are simple, but trust me, they are useful and will make all the difference. By incorporating one or three or all of these ways into your day and week, I’m sure that before you know it, you’ll feel the connection between you and your partner. – partnering, so without further ado, the front is the way you can connect with your partner. when the daily stress has gotten in the way.

1. Send a text from the heart

There’s nothing better than receiving a sweet and unexpected text from your partner—especially when you’re having a bad day or when you’re stressed. Take a minute to let them know you’re thinking about them. You can say something like “I hope you’re having a great day so far! I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you and I’m glad you’re by my side,” but it is “this week has been crazy, but what keeps me going is knowing that I will see you soon.” so that the other person feels that it is useful, that they only take a minute or two to send.

2. Take a long walk

Leave your phone (and workload) at home and head outside for some fresh air and a long walk around the block. Without any distractions, this low-key activity allows you to spend quality time with your partner. Join each other’s week, laugh, and have a much needed deep breath. By the end, I am willing to bet that the endorphins from your walk, your gentle conversation, and nature will make you feel less anxious and connected again.

3. Cook (and eat) dinner together

When life is busy, it’s easy to do your homework, eat in bed, watch TV, and go straight to bed. But what does that have to do with it? Instead, make an effort this week to cook together and eat it without incident Ted Lasso behind. Keep in mind that whatever you decide to do doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy or romantic, it’s just important that you both intend to cook and enjoy it together . This makes dinner out of work and most of the things you do to spend time with each other.

4. Prepare your next day

Sometimes weeks can go by without seeing your partner, and that may be because life has gotten too busy to remember to be careful about it. Heard me when I say it’s good but more than that, it’s normal. If you’re feeling disconnected from your partner, maybe you should get one. You probably don’t have time this week to go to one, but you can schedule a date and put it on the calendar. This will give you both what to expect and maybe bring back some of those happy jittery butterflies who are looking forward to it. If you’re stuck on what to do on your next day, pick a random idea from the date jar!

5. Give them a proper thank you

How many times have you been so distracted by work, life, frustration, or general activity that you’ve passed your partner at home like two ships in the night? Or have you spent so much time looking at food during dinner that you are too distracted to see what it is that you love and appreciate? We’ve all been there. The next time you’re with your partner, stop and take a few minutes to look at them and tell them out loud what you like about them. It can be as simple as “You’re so cute,” “You’re a good listener,” “I love your sense of humor,” or “I love you XYZ”.

6. Connect together

It seems simple, but there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that cuddling can’t fix IMO. Having a bad day? Connect. Need a break? Connect. Really miss your partner? Connect. And there is science to prove it: that physical contact which we experience when we cuddle releases oxytocin, the feel-good “love” hormone. So, instead of laying on the couch or sleeping Deputy towards each other, try to be polite with each other. Even if all the work is waiting for you in your inbox or the text messages you have to answer or the dishes in the sink to go to, once you start dating your partner, you won’t want to get up. because being stuck can make you feel better in a relationship.

7. Be intimate

But when laughter leads to more … find love with your partner! Make a candle, burn some fear, and have a great night inside. You can try new sex positions, sports, or anything else your heart desires. Especially if it is time (no shade!), This can help you get closer to each other and keep the fire alive, which can be missing when life is busy with other things Doing is your priority. Plus, just as smiling releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, so does sex, so making out with your partner may be just what you need. you don’t have to worry about being close to each other.

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