How to Get the Love Hormone Oxytocin

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what defines a happy and healthy life. Maybe it’s made up of a morning routine, a workout you love, and a job you enjoy. Or maybe it’s full of travel and adventure, the ability to cook for yourself, and live in your dream home. I am happy to say that I have experienced many of the above, and all of them have brought joy to my life in one way or another. But when I reflect on when I’m really the happiest and healthiest version of myself, it’s not about either. Instead, it’s when I’m with the people I love and who love me—WHAT it’s human interaction.

While things like exercise and eating right are still important to living a healthy and happy life, the best women don’t miss out because they lead to intense workout routines, salads, and supplements. . Instead, they treat their bodies well, but first prioritize a lifestyle that includes nights out with their SO, going out with friends, partying, etc. Read more about why social interaction is important for happiness, and how you can achieve it every day yourself.

Why you should prioritize social media

Researchers define human connection as a basic psychological needs embedded in our biology and evolutionary history. When we social interaction experience, we reduce the risk of anxiety and depression, have more self-esteem, and have more compassion for others. A healthy relationship can also affect our physical health, reduces inflammation and helps maintain health. One study even proved that lack of social interaction is more damaging to our health than obesity, smoking, and high blood pressure.

When we are having an intimate relationship, our body releases a hormone called oxytocin (also known as the love hormone). Oxytocin—that is released when smiling, laughing, having sex, talking to a loved one, holding a baby, etc.—can lower blood pressure and cortisol and promote growth and healing. From Mind to Physical Health, pDisrupting social interactions and human connections is essential to our overall well-being.

How to prioritize social relations

1. Say “yes” often

It’s easy to live in our comfort zone and avoid things that scare us or opportunities that might be challenging, but when I look at the happiest and healthiest women I know, they are the ones who taking chances and saying “yes” to change. In one of my favorite books, Year Yes, Shonda Rhimes tells the story of her year of saying “yes” to everything to get more outside of her comfort zone, which includes giving the introduction to spend more time with the people she loves. Try to examine your life and look at the areas where you say “no,” but he can say “yes.” Maybe it’s a plan with your friends, going to a gym class, having lunch with colleagues, or visiting your family. If you change your thinking to be more open to social interaction, it can lead to greater happiness.

2. Organize other public tours

Yes, you should always allow yourself enough time to recover, but connecting with your loved ones is another important way to reduce stress. After a long day at work, maybe the last thing you want to do is call your mom, meet a new friend for dinner, or actually talk to your partner over dinner instead of eating. in bed with Netflix music. Although some moments alone can be very important, make sure that you are careful about that moment alone, not because it is a habit or in your comfort zone. Scheduling phone calls with loved ones or plans with friends ahead of time can ensure that you are always in sync.

If planning a weekly dinner with friends or family still sounds like a chore, I feel for you. Planning a vacation doesn’t have to be about having a big group of friends or spending a lot of money. It can be as simple as going for a walk with your mom, FaceTiming a friend who lives far away, volunteering, joining a gym, or taking a class to improve your skills while you have them. ability to connect with others who share the same hobbies. you have

3. Try to socialize more at work

Hate to break it to you, but we spend most of our lives working. Sometimes we see our colleagues more often than we see our friends and family. That’s why the happiest women do everything they can to make their work fulfilling, including socializing with their co-workers. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve given up making friends at work. I’m usually that girl who keeps her head down at her computer, avoiding boring water cooler chitchat. But when I moved up a position in my company a few years ago, I looked at it as a new start, an opportunity to interact with colleagues, and as a manager, set an example of what a team environment is. can be like.

It turns out, hanging out with co-workers makes going to work ten times more fun (surprise, surprise). Bonding at work doesn’t just have to be between your teammates or over lunch. It can be done through company events or by finding people with similar interests (ie try starting a school, gym, or after work happy hour). If you want to keep your social life and work life separate, just giving a compliment or reaching out to a colleague can go a long way. Are you self-employed and self-employed? Communicating with other people in your company can not only provide more job opportunities, but also help you feel a little more human every time you meet them at events, reach out to ask for advice, or bounce ideas off each other. again.

4. Sign up for a group event

While prioritizing social connections is important to our health, forcing social connections is not. If you struggle to connect with the people in your life, expanding your social circle can be the key to making you happier. And signing up for group events is an easy way to meet new people in the community. If you love to cook, sign up for a cooking class. If you love animals, volunteer at an animal shelter. If you like fitness, sign up for a fitness class. There are many group programs out there for every interest, and by joining a group of people with similar interests, you’ll be well on your way to making new connections.

5. Go outside

It may seem simple, but half the battle of being more social is happening outside of your home. The happiest and healthiest women strive to foster connections, whether it’s chatting with the baristas at their local coffee shop or getting to know their neighbors while walking the dog. the body. If we open it up, social interaction can be done anywhere. While it may not feel right or awkward to make new friends at times, putting yourself in a position where it’s possible means you’re already halfway there. So the next time you see an opportunity to strike up a conversation at the dog park or when you’re sitting next to someone at a coffee shop, don’t pass it up.

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