How to find a green flag, inspired by love is a blind person

We talk a lot about red flags (and even beige flags) to have on your radar around here, but to be fair, not all qualified people are filled with the worst flags. This may be hard to believe if you’ve had bad experiences in the dating world recently, but I mean it when I say it’s still there are high risers out there waving their green flags.

I know that reality TV isn’t always real and that we shouldn’t base our lives and relationships on the cast of our favorite shows, but if we can take anything away from the latest season of Love Blind, is that Brett Brown is the perfect example of a walking green flag and that there is hope for all single people – as long as you can see the qualities that are beautiful and worthy of praise as beautiful as Tiffany Pennywell did.

We took a closer look at Brett to learn why the internet started looking at him as a “walking flag” in season 4, and now we’re sharing the green flag and more with you. You can see that you are Brett very well. Brown color.

They are a of course good listener

Brett put a lot of effort into making sure that Tiffany felt that she was truly listened to and cared for – especially when she was struggling to adjust to their new life and the stress of wedding planning. For example, she said she felt “all over the place,” instead of waving it off and saying things like “It’s going to be okay” or “Don’t worry about it,” she said. consoled him. And after that, he planned to draw a surprise engagement to help relieve some of his anxiety. This is a perfect example of someone who truly cares about their partner and their feelings and wants to do whatever they can to make them feel better.

They speak kindly to others

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone, and they started saying bad things about their ex or someone they knew? Not good, right? There will be people in this world with whom we do not agree or who are not our best friends, but the human right to respect each and every person – behind the scenes and personally – n ‘however, mature and noteworthy. This also shows that they will respect you, whether you work long hours or not.

They work hard on themselves

We’ve all heard these words before: You can’t love anyone until you love yourself and you will not jump from an empty glass. Both ring true when they talk about the importance of taking care of ourselves and working on ourselves in order to become better individuals and partners. When a person promotes personal growth (perhaps through therapy or by reading self-help books) and makes self-care a priority (perhaps they exercise, and -thinking, or having a good night’s sleep), that is a good sign that they are ready to take the initiative. the health and growth of their relationship too.

They are very good friends

Someone who has remained friends, especially close friends, for years says a lot about who they are. This means that in different periods of their lives, they have prioritized their friendships – supporting their friends, celebrating them, depending on them, and vice versa, and their friends trusting them heart and enjoyed them all these years to return the favor. This is one of those situations where you meet their friends and they say to you, “You found the right one”.

They put their money first

Of course, Tiffany teases Brett for being bougie and buying fancy things, but she obviously doesn’t take out a credit card to do it. He is successful and works hard for his money, and he knows how to spend it. The last thing you want to do is get yourself into a relationship with someone who is not serious about their money because whether you like it or not, that will affect you and your relationship. A hardworking person puts their money first and their future first, that’s a bold statement in the green column if you want to create a life and a person.

They can have a respectful disagreement

It’s unrealistic to think that you and your partner will never have a fight, but what separates a red flag from a green flag is their right to respectfully disagree. This is someone who listens fully to your feelings, part of the story, and your thoughts instead of someone talking about you, making you feel dumb, and wanting just to “win” the argument for their money.

They make you feel respected, respected

When you are with the right person, you don’t have to question whether or not they care about you. Not only should they make you feel cared for, respected, and appreciated, but they should tell you and show you—without feeling like they have to bend over backwards to do so. If you feel like you don’t know if they really care about you, respect you, etc., that’s not the right person to be with. Call it cliche, but when you’re at ease with someone and you can tell you mean something to them, that’s a real green flag.

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