How to bond with your SO

As a child who first became interested in interior design, I dreamed of what my “grown up” house would one day look like. Although my tastes have evolved over the years (I no longer need purple velvet curtains in my dining room), my desire to create a well-designed home remains the same. And that still hasn’t changed when I moved to a significant other for the first time and had to learn how hard something aesthetically pleasing space after life with a guy who only has one pillow in his bed. Therefore, I feel the pain of anyone who has moved to a significant other only to find that your interior design styles are very much different.

However, the key to decorating a shared living space that you will be happy with is not to let all the decisions in it be one sided. I promise: it is possible for couples to combine the style of their rooms and their possessions when they move in together without sacrificing themselves. Read on to learn how I managed to live with a partner without compromising my beauty.

1. Create a Pinterest share or mood.

No, we’re not going back to 2010. But more than a decade later, Pinterest is still a great place to look for home decor inspiration. Create a board dedicated to your new digs, and share it with your partner so you can both post anything that catches your eye. I find it helpful to create subcategories within the board for each room so you can organize your pins better. Once you’ve gathered all your inspo photos, review them together and look for common themes. What tone of wood, type of furniture, or style of decor do you both like? Finding these similarities helps you set standards when shopping and ensures that you both enjoy the vibe of your space.

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2. Decide on a cohesive color palette.

Just like finding common ground with your furniture and design style, it helps to know which colors you like and want to use in your home. I like to stay neutral, so this has been a struggle for me in the past when I was living with a boyfriend trying to keep his blue plaid in college (*insert eye roll here*) . I find it helpful to first choose a color for your furniture, rugs, and walls – think grays, creams, tans, etc. – and then choose a few colors to incorporate from art, something correction, and tone. That way, if a red pillow catches your eye at Target, but your preferred color palette is gray, white, blue, and gold, you’ll know what color is available. differences that will please both of you.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix styles.

We all know opposites attract, and this can be true for both relationships and relationships. Just as your other comfort items can help soothe your nerves, a soft and fluffy rug can help modern furniture feel more appealing. Professional designers use this method of juxtaposition to make sure that the room does not feel too cramped or too simple. It can be scary at first to mix interior styles like beach and glam, but this is also something that will make your home feel special. Finally, if you love each other, you will find a way to make it work in your space.

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4. Take inventory of your current household items.

When you combine two rooms together, you can have a lot of things. And unless you have room for two couches, two coffee tables, and two toaster ovens (which I didn’t do in my first house), you’re going to have to clean up some things. This also allows you to see what existing furniture fits your new space and decorating scheme. For example, if you have both linen and wood rugs to choose from and know that you want to keep your bedroom comfortable and inviting, you may choose to use rugs in the room. the body. Then you can use the wooden bed in the guest room or sell it somewhere like Facebook Marketplace. After deciding what works, make a list of the pieces you need to replace or don’t have.

5. Remembering emotional fragments.

They say that communication is the key to a successful relationship, and the same can be said for successful engagement. When you’re going through your things together, be open and honest with your partner about any emotional memories that are special to you. Your partner may not like the look of your favorite accent chair, but if you tell them it’s a gift from your dad and you need to keep it (even if it doesn’t fit in detail your type of confirmation), they will understand your love for the piece very well, and it will probably be important. Respecting each person’s style and needs will make you feel good and represent you in your space.

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