How Sofia Richie prepared for her wedding

ICYMI, Sofia Richie Tie a string to the object named This year’s star-studded “royal wedding,” and everyone on Instagram and TikTok can talk about it. The 24-year-old model, fashion designer, beauty director of Nudestix, and Nicole Richie’s younger sister said “I do” to Elliot Grainge in the south of France. Thanks Richie for the start Its TikTok A few days before her wedding, we got a look at her wedding preparations, in detail Video GRWM. And Vogue’s dance performance of wedding day celebrationsThey left no stone unturned (can we take a moment to rock Richie, not one, but three custom Chanel suits?!).

So we got a glimpse of her bridal beauty and fashion looks, but since I’m so fit, I had to get into the lowdown on Richie’s workout and diet routine leading up to her big day. Luckily, he shared a lot of it on his social media. I got the lowdown on his workout routine and eating habits (you can thank me on IG later). Read on for some #fitspo highlights.

His exercise

As Richie has been entering wife mode since last December, she took to Instagram Stories to share her sweat session. Two 3-pounders and a 10-weight coat were all he needed for “robbing people” before connecting. Featured courtesy of Richie’s “Fitness Journal”.we can give Richie an exercise by exercise: After running with his hype squad – his trainer Elizabeth Vidor with two beautiful AF pups—he continued side by side and turning combos, jumping jacks and punches, a knee-strike-and-punch technique, and squat shuffles—doing each move for 30 seconds to complete the circuit for six rounds.

But wait, there’s more… Then Richie goes straight into the single-leg-glute-bridge-and-crunch exercise, followed by knee-stick and arm, wall-sit-on moves. -inner -thigh burn, arm circle, and tricep stretch. Finally, Richie wraps up his one-hour workout with his trainer. As if that wasn’t already a doozy of a schedule, her pre-wedding workout didn’t stop there. He recorded three other workouts (check ’em out Here and give them a try!). Also, she is a hot girl who walks like everyone else: “I try to walk at least an hour a day!” And as an activewear brand does he like it? His favorite is like him Section 59.

His food

Depending on US weekly, Richie said in his story that he went on a “strict diet” to “get an early start” on his wedding preparations. “I try my best to fast until 12 o’clock (except for coffee).” Richie said in December. “For lunch, I have a salad or a high-protein meal. I eat my dinner around 6:30 p.m., which is the last meal before I go to bed (no snacks). Is it high-protein going? White eggs and pork. He went on to say that another staple of his diet is “chicken veggies.” While Richie said he is trying hard to avoid carbohydrates and sugar, he leaves some time for “little treats.” On the one hand, he said: “You should do something good for your body. Adding some carbs is not a bad thing when you are training hard.” As for his favorite snack? seaweed. Hot stuff: Good food should be consistent (read: eating and enjoying what you love), so take a cue from Richie and do it. you.


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