Hack 12 am for a quiet day

My dream morning routine goes like this: wake up with the sun, drink hot water with lemon or a cup of coffee and collagen while meditating for 20 pleasant, relaxing minutes. citrus oil is essential and goes through 10 skin care procedures before it is suitable. and Pilates exercises. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The truth is that I have a greater chance of getting a woodland creature to help me get dressed in the morning (à la Snow White) than I do when it comes to getting even half of the things that are available in this list.

Life is busy, mornings are crazy, and the odds are we won’t get it good daily routine. We need to stop putting pressure on ourselves to have a nutritious breakfast, fit in personal care, clothing and skin care, and still manage to be on time (not to mention if you are responsible for taking care of other living things like children or pets). However, the morning is an important time to prepare yourself for success in stress management throughout the day. Here are 12 morning hacks you can easily do to make your day better.

1. Put everything you need the night before

The key to a stress-free morning starts before the day even begins. Prepare everything you can the night before; lay out clothes, set up or pack everything you need for the gym, or keep your home workstation ready with a laptop and your daily planner, pen, and mirror blue on your table or desk. . You can eat before you prepare your breakfast by opening a bag of spices or chopping vegetables for an omelet. While you’re at it, make sure the dishes are cleaned and your room is clean before you go to bed, so you can wake up focused on the day instead of getting rid of yesterday.

2. Check your phone for 30 minutes

If anyone understands the addiction to morning rolls, I do. A few years ago, I realized that I was putting in about 180 hours a year just scrolling through my phone in the morning before bed (talk about a big waste of time!). We have as many hours in the day as Beyoncé, but the difference is that she doesn’t spend most of them scrolling through Instagram like we do (if I had to guess).

Don’t waste time, if you check your text, email, or Instagram feed within the first 30 minutes of the day, your mind immediately jumps to your to-do list or log in. work conditions. Even just innocently scrolling through Instagram or TikTok can send you into a state of FOMO. Instead, leave your phone in the bedroom and spend the first 30 minutes of your day doing something that makes you happy be happy (comment on this below). After your relaxation routine, you can text to your heart’s content, but it will make a difference to have 30 minutes to yourself.

3. Get up 15 minutes earlier for “your time”

If your mornings feel like you’re racing against the clock, consider waking up extra early to have a slower start to your day. You may have a lot of control over your morning (like when you start work, or a child or two to take care of), so waking up just 15 minutes before you need to will help you feel more empowered. calm down. the whole day. Whether you spend your time meditating, engaging in a beautiful skin care routine, or making a cup of coffee and a short moment of silence, you won’t miss another 15 minutes of sleep (I promise!).

4. Buy a timer coffee maker

Welcome to 2023: we’re having a meeting about migration and coffee brewed on a timer. Technology may run our lives, but sometimes it can be used to help our mental health rather than hinder it (see: 180 hours of wasted time scrolling through Instagram). Coffee brew and a timer means one small step in the morning and another five minutes that are usually spent running to the kitchen to start brewing. Imagine floating into the kitchen after 15 minutes of “your time” with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee waiting for you. He will do be the highlight of your morning. Invest in high quality coffee maker and you can set a time or delay in the day when you will actually sleep.

5. Start the day with gratitude

It seems that everyone is talking about the benefits of gratitude, from Harvard Medical School so Oprah, and for good reason. Thank you there improve relationships, raise happinessand reduce stress. When you start your day with gratitude, you set yourself up for a calm and stress-free day. Incorporate gratitude into your morning routine by writing down five things you are grateful for in your day-to-day routine, and listen meditation and gratitude, or gratitude journal. Make the practice easy and think about how happy you are to be alive when you wake up, which is a habit that has changed my life without a doubt.

6. Don’t hit snooze

Maybe hitting snooze is as much a part of your morning routine as a cup of coffee. Maybe you set six different alarms in 30 minutes, knowing you’ll ignore all but the last one, or maybe you go to bed with the best intentions but keep hitting “snooze” until you run. . Although the “snooze” button is how many of us start the day (eggs are love well!), it can have negative effects.

Hit the snooze button with you circadian rhythm, which can cause anger that lasts for hours. Plus, the extra few minutes of sleep you’ll get by snoozing through your first alarm isn’t worth it. Sleeping too little won’t make you rest well since your body won’t be able to get over the illness. A complete REM cycle. Instead, go to bed first and try an app like sleep cyclewhich wakes you up during your lightest sleep so you can sleep less.

7. Get sunlight

Getting the first sunlight in the morning tells the body that it’s time to wake up suppress melatonin production, giving you more energy (AKA you may not need that second cup of coffee). As soon as you wake up, open the curtains and turn on the lights so that your body is refreshed and ready for the day. Also, try to get as much sunlight as possible, whether that means taking your dog for a walk or having your morning coffee on the patio (and don’t forget your SPF).

8. Meditate while brushing your teeth

A tough enough morning. If your morning routine is hectic, adding a self-care activity meant for relaxation like a facial massage or journaling may seem like another item on your to-do list (which you may not stick to). and it). If your morning is too stay busy, instead of scheduling other things in your morning routine, incorporate self-care into your regular routine.

For example, try meditating while brushing your teeth by mentally repeating an affirmation or listening to a two-minute meditation on an app like Headspace. You can also try meditating while you cook breakfast or wait for the coffee to brew. Whatever method works for you, the key is to hide in a time of peace around your character, instead of scheduling another time that may not be convenient for you.

9. Move your body

Getting your body moving in the morning has many health benefits such as better concentration, less stress, and more energy. The most important thing here is to listen to your body. If your body is energized and ready to move in the morning, schedule a workout before your day begins to reap the benefits of a morning workout. However, if your body wants to wake up slowly (or you are a daytime exerciser), don’t force yourself to exercise. Moving your body in a relaxing way, such as a walk outside or some yoga stretches, will give you all the same benefits for a relaxing morning.

10. Make a morning playlist

Sometimes all it takes to get ready for the day is a killer playlist. For me, it’s a mix of Taylor Swift and Broadway (don’t judge), and for the playlist that we all love,”Every Girl Listens: Mood-Songs” will make your morning better. The purpose of the morning playlist is to combine all the songs that give you energy, get you down, or make you want to dance. Turn up the volume when you make breakfast, take a morning walk, or drink coffee, and remind yourself that the purpose of life is to enjoy it.

11. Make your bed

At the risk of sounding like your mother, please make your bed. Not only does it take less than a minute and is easy, but it will set the tone for the whole day. Making your bed may be a small accomplishment, but it will motivate you to accomplish other things during the day. Still feel like your laundry isn’t worth the time? In research for his bookHappy project,” Gretchen Rubin found that one of the most common changes that led to happiness was make the bed every morning. Small changes make a big difference, and your wardrobe can have a big impact on your day.

12. Organize everything

A quiet day means that you don’t have to decide whether to work at 10 in the morning or at 5 in the evening or look in the fridge at every meal, pondering something you will eat. Either the night before (if your mornings are crazy) or in the morning (just after “self-care time”), plan everything for the day. Plan your meals and schedule a block of time for everything you do (including vacation time!).

Before you get into your work day, make a to-do list and organize your tasks from most important to least important. Plan how to spend work time (like spending 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon answering emails instead of checking your inbox during the day), and don’t forget to plan something to look forward to (like dinner with people what else is important to you (or playtime with the kids). Organizing the details of your day not only reduces decision making (and therefore reduces stress) but it will help you feel in control of your day.

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