Forgiveness is my grandmother’s best advice

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There are some great things about being gay as a woman in 2023: people are more sexually independent than ever before, and it makes her want both a job and a relationship. But if you wake up on the set of Navy Sheets miss the days when guys picked up girls and the days when drive-ins asked them to “go to” face,” you will love this week’s event of. Every girl’s podcast. We sit down with Kim Murstein and viral grandma Gail I’m sorry, my grandmother duo answer all your dating questions and problems.

When Kim moved in with her grandparents at the beginning of the disease, she started getting advice from Grandma Gail about her dating life. This prompted them both to start I’m sorry, my grandmother, where they discuss all things dating and relationships from two different generations. Read on for three of their best dating tips, and watch this week’s episode Every girl’s podcast for another.

1. Leave a little to the imagination (no, not on your clothes!)

Millennials and Gen Z make up the “therapy generation” when it comes to dating – we want to know everyone’s problems as soon as we meet them, to get all the surprises that can happen along the way. But Grandma Gail believes that knowing someone who knows can be happier. “With dating, you stop scrutinizing each other so much, and be happy about what you have to offer the relationship,” he said. “Be serious when you go out with someone, but you have to give yourself time.”

If you often find yourself reaching that “ohhhhhh” moment (you know, when you realize that something about someone rubs you the wrong way) just before you want to be in a relationship, try to keep it light for the first several days. There’s nothing wrong with having fun while getting to know someone—really, isn’t there?

2. Know the difference between what you consider a red flag or an ick

Between icks, red flags, green flags, and even beige flags, there’s a lot of lingo out there now that can help you put your finger on exactly how you feel about someone. Kim and Gail have a laundry list of things to look out for at the beginning of a relationship. But there is a difference between sellers and just the things you don’t like but can pass (also known as “ick”). For example, it’s clear that someone is not putting you first is a red flag. Posting twice can be just ick.

Besides helping you decide if your partner is right for you, finding out what red flags and ticks are for you can help you get in touch with yourself and your identity. Differentiating these people will mean that you are well aware of your own limits, which is important in any relationship at any time.

3. Skip the “alone” mode

Let’s be honest: you knew this was coming. Both Kim and Gail are against the “just-but-not-hard” status, and for good reason. “If you’re single, you’re in a relationship,” Kim said. “The difference is that people think they don’t have to work as a boyfriend or girlfriend, but they still get all the benefits.” In the wise words of Grandma Gail, a special show is “getting out.” Work in a relationship comes with it alone, whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not.

As Kim and Gail say, status quo can be deadly, so why don’t we all agree with ourselves that acting in government is better than the awkward, mid-terms? Skipping special status can give you a little more time to figure out whether or not you’re in love with someone — before you wipe out your entire contact list.