Everything you need to know about quiet luxury

Just as soon as we think that we are catching up with the new fashion catchphrase (coastal cowgirl, grand millennial, Barbiecore, etc.) a new one swoops in and steals the show. In a word, the latest fashion trend is taking over our social media: quiet luxury.

Forced to talk to Gwyneth Paltrow type of court and Sofia Richie’s vintage jewelry, the quiet luxury trend is more strategic and strategic than previous fashion trends. With an emphasis on sustainable fashion and capsule wardrobes, quiet luxury promotes having small, timeless pieces that work for a long time—not just one season.

We break down all things cool luxury, including how to nail it without breaking the bank.

What is quiet luxury?

While the term “quiet luxury” may be new, its values ​​are far from it. Quiet luxury is the antidote to fast fashion, focusing on thoughtful shopping and wearing a good investment. A juxtaposition with the logomania that has been popular in the past few years, it is a little more fashionable. It’s shopping with the intention of owning a piece of that last, more popular for the time. TL; DR: It’s a capsule lover’s dream.

Still having trouble figuring out what quiet luxury is? Think carefully about these well-designed bases and accessories that look like they could have been passed down as family heirlooms. Our favorite nepo kid, Shiv Roy from HBO progress, is the poster child for quiet luxury. Her wardrobe delivers “Money Talk, Economic Talk” by bypassing any obvious symbols or signs, but still visible and desirable through fabrics and popular silhouettes.

Models that embody quiet luxury


Founded by the Olsen twins, The Row could be the most famous quiet luxury brand of 2023. With a focus on simple pieces and defining details, some of the most sought-after items The Row’s strengths include their timeless accessories and tailored pants.


KHAITE is an American brand that is all about mixing modern styles with classic motifs. Standout pieces include their beautiful fabrics, cult-favorite handbags, and stylish shoes.

Max Mara

Max Mara is the epitome of quiet luxury, with an emphasis on luxury and luxury fabrics. They are pieces you can get today and hopefully still be wearing 20 years from now.

How to put quiet luxury on a budget

Although designer brands are at the forefront of the conversation about quiet luxury, it doesn’t mean you have to shell out enough cash to appreciate this trend. These affordable sheets scream “quiet luxury,” while respecting your budget.


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