Each Planner Collection is available year-round at Target!

No need to check your calendar again—you hear it here first. Every collection of planners, stationery, and accessories available at Target and Target.com this year!

It’s a dream to work with Designer Day to create products that are as functional as they are beautiful, and we’re thrilled that you love them as much as we have since they first launched in 2020. We have Many thanks to those groups. and Target and Designer Day aren’t just expanding Everygirl collection and new products, but they bring it to you all year long.

You can shop the 2023 planner collection at your nearest Target store and online at Target.com.

2023/2024 and planners do not have a date

It’s no secret that our planners are our secret tools for keeping the chaos of our days, weeks and years in check. And if you missed the 2023 planners at the beginning of the year, don’t worry! We have two great options for you.

Dateless planners and “My Day” notebooks. offers an amazing meeting with no specific dates to guide you—so you can fill it in as you like, when you like.

If you want to have months and days to guide you, that is Those planning the 2023-2024 academic year have a July start don’t leave now! Using innovative techniques and beautiful colors, our planners feel like the finishing touch for any tote bag and chair. Plus, the high-quality materials are built to withstand even the toughest “I’m not coming again” drops in your work bag.

Choose one of our traditional planners to help you manage your time with style, or choose which 30 day challenge The organizer to use in something the girl contains 12 guides to teach you how to achieve your yearly goals in every area of ​​your life.

Adding one of our planners to your collection is an investment in yourself—albeit a small one, priced from $10 to $20! Our favorite stickers are back, our monthly review feature will help you stay on top of your goals, and resources, tips and inspo from our writers will help you manage your career, finances, relationships, mental health and more. In fact, you are buying a one-way ticket to the high life.

Our 2023 planners also have a designated notes section, multiple options for checking to-do lists, and a bucket list feature (where we’ll be 100 percent reflective of ours). Eat, pray, love sweet dreams to try our way through Italy). It’s beautiful, it’s functional, and it’s ready to look for a space wall, a WFH chair, or a trusted leather work bag by your side.

Small wallet

And we’re excited to share the launch of our favorite go-to item: the zip pouch, available in two sizes and patterns! Our founder, Alaina Kaz, has relied on these every day since she received a test sample a year ago; they are perfect for organizing small tools and other things that get lost in the black space that is a work tool or carrying case.

No floral print purse offers two separate zipped sections, with an inner pocket and an elastic ring for holding various essentials. From pencils and highlighters to your favorite lipstick, eyeliner, or perfume, you’ll find yourself reaching time and time again to fix and customize whatever you need.

No We like the cheetah-shaped wallet great for keeping tech gadgets, snacks, makeup, or anything else you need organized in your bag.

All of these items and more are available at Target stores nationwide and at Target.com. And stay tuned for more Everygirl x Designer Day launches later in the year. Happy designing!

The full collection is available at Target stores now!

The full collection is available at Target stores now!

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30 Day Challenge Organizer

The 30 Day Challenge organizer is back from the spotlight and a crowd favorite for a reason. With challenges directed in the areas of quality, service, and more, this planner is a tried and true method that our readers and editors love to set. themselves for success no matter what life throws at them.

The full collection is available at Target stores!

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3-Pack of different notebooks

For list makers and multitaskers, these blank notebooks are a doodler’s dream.

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3- Different types of envelopes

These three envelopes are the office and living space that you won’t know how you lived without.

The full collection is available at Target stores!

See the full collection at Target stores now!