Dress Inspo: Kathleen Kelly on “You’ve Got the Message”

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Source: Cinematic Collection | Photo by Alamy

25 years ago, Kathleen Kelly logged into AOL from a beautiful New York City brownstone to check out the latest news from NY152. On the other side of the dial sat Joe Fox and his golden retriever, Brinkley, listing what looked like bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils. Others are rom-com stories.

Released in 1998. You have information is probably one of the best romantic comedies of all time. It’s a perfect portrait of enemies and lovers, in which Kathleen, a beloved bookstore owner, finds herself falling for a mysterious Internet stranger who turns out to be her greatest nemesis. , Joe, owner of a large bookstore. that makes it unmarketable.

It’s Nora Ephron’s best movie, with great dialogue, country charm, and incredible chemistry between Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. In honor of the movie’s 25th anniversary, I am collecting things on the Kathleen Kelly channel because, even more than twenty years later, this woman remains an icon.

Favorite child

Aka Scene Sweatshirt

Kathleen is Jane Austen’s girl. She confesses to Joe that she is reading Pride and Prejudice about 200 times and loves to get lost in the language (“words like there, bad, and happy.”) Kathleen will no doubt dig this simple shirt but a good one that pays tribute to the 2005 movie adaptation. (I personally have this and can get the highest level of comfort).

Banana Republic

Woven card

Kathleen’s bedroom is a cardigan lover’s paradise. We see her in many cardigans in the film, which she wears with every outfit under the sun. This find from Banana Republic is one-of-a-kind, and it’s light, airy, and spring-friendly. He even picks a card for his first meeting with NY152 (in which he runs into Joe Fox instead…).


Corduroy Tote Bag

An essential accessory for every girl who dreams of traveling to her favorite city. This beautiful reusable bag reminds me of the Totes Kathleen carries in her store, The Shop Around The Corner, and has a clearly ’90s pride in its corduroy material. Put it on your laptop or fill out a paper orally.

Old Navy

Large pajama set

In the film’s opening scene, Kathleen begins the day in a brownstone town, ready to check the latest news from her mysterious AOL friend. She makes a pair of branded pajamas that fit in this cute, over-the-top style found at Old Navy.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Tweed Shift Mini Dress

No one rocks a jumper like Kathleen Kelly, so it’s only fitting that someone deserves this list. However You have a letter The fashion designer, Albert Wolsky, has said that the jumper dress of Kathleen was not Meg Ryan’s favorite, this look became something memorable. This type of tweed can be worn in different seasons, depending on how you choose to wear it.

Kelly & Katie

Flat measured

While we know that Kathleen loves New York City in the fall, she’ll also be picking up a trusty pair of ballet flats in the spring. We see this demonstrated at the end of the film, during a high point in the garden, where Joe reveals his identity and says “Don’t cry, Shopgirl” to which Kathleen replies, “I want you to be very much.” Once you stop crying, check out these cute flats that are reminiscent of the cream-colored shoes Kathleen is wearing here.


Chino Pants

These cool chino pants from Everlane are slim-waisted and versatile. They give Kathleen Kelly an aesthetic from where she grabs lunch with Joe to discuss the upcoming meeting with NY152. He combines his pants with a belt, a cardigan, and sneakers – 90s.


An unusual obstacle

H&M tights are reasonably priced, durable and comfortable. In the fashion of Kathleen Kelly, combine them with your favorite clothes on a chillier day, and you can find yourself listening to not the sound of the city streets, only the sound of your heart.


Bow Loafers

Kathleen usually wears a loafer to work, but J.Crew’s cute bow tie is heading her way. In addition to being neutral, these shoes come in pink and periwinkle if you’re looking to add a pop of color to your outfit this spring.


Ribbed turtleneck

Available in three colors, this Madewell top is the perfect springtime choice for heavy sweaters. It’s great You have information-esque, like muted colors and turtlenecks are both the hallmarks of Kathleen Kelly’s wardrobe.

Rifle Paper Co., Ltd.

Book Club Mug

This beautiful porcelain vase has beautiful leaves like Little women, The Secret Gardenand Jane Eyre. It’s a trinket that will catch Kathleen’s eye because of her love of books—especially the classics—and could be something she’ll use with her morning coffee while answering errands as Shopgirl.


Bluetooth mouse

View your email in style with this popular computer mouse. Connect it via Bluetooth to your computer or laptop, and bring joy to the work day – or while chatting Grandfather with the internet stranger.


Marbled Glass Space

Fill your space with daisies using this sweet and delicate vase. When Joe first visited The Shop Around The Corner, he learned that Kathleen’s favorite flowers were daisies. Later, when he is sick, he brings her a bouquet and she spruces up his house just like a pot.

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