Creative ways to store books (off the shelf)

As an avid book lover with many titles, I have taken to naming many of my books summary treat it as such. I’m always thinking and rotating my stash to display different titles based on color and design. Over the years, my book collection has evolved into the only library I can pull from. Instead, it has become a source of interior design inspiration and a channel for creative energy. When it comes to incorporating books into your home decor, the possibilities are endless (no, you don’t need to be limited by a bookshelf). If you’re like me and want to give your bookshelf a new lease of life, read on for some cool ways to store books and enhance your home decor.

A creative way to store books

Whether you collect them, line them up, or display them as art, there are many ways to store books without a bookshelf. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Replace your paper and wine cart

Source: Kat Tanita’s Home for The Everygirl | Photo by Clarissa Fay

A wine cart can be used in almost any room to hold trinkets and glassware as well as a few bottles of your favorite wine or beverage. But just because wine carts are made for barware doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match with some of your favorite books. Fill the basement with lots of books, house plants, and maybe a small lamp to create your own library.

2. Combine literature and art

I like to feature my favorite titles front and center like the pieces of art they are instead of throwing them away as a safe. To bring out some real estate in your bookcase, turn a beautiful book cover into a picture frame or floating shelf. Then add in some customized prints to create a beautiful mixed media art gallery. You’ll free up space on your shelves and create new, fun places.

3. Display your book on (or under) a windowsill

There’s nothing better than a cozy reading nook—except a window-side reading nook with lots of natural light. Wouldn’t it be great if you could first pull some of your favorite titles off the shelves and display them right next to your favorite books? The visual space created by the window will not only put your favorite books on display, but will also keep them close when you’re ready for an impromptu reading session.

4. Use a credenza or buffet for book storage and display

Think of a credenza as a functional and stylish bookshelf. You can use one as a media console under the TV, for added storage behind the couch, or as a casual dining table after guests. Organizing a mix of coffee table books and favorite magazines among other things is a great way to create some decorations and tie the room together. In addition, your book will add a little more interest than the internet cable or kitchen appliances that are usually found on media consoles and buffets.

5. Take advantage of hard-to-reach storage areas

We all have those high places or unsightly spaces in our homes that often sit empty. If you have unused space in the kitchen or in the attic, these places are perfect for storing things that you do not need to access every day. And since you usually only read one book at a time, your other books fit the bill. Or if you’re like me and, on a whim, you’ve got one or two messy coffee table books, use them to create a visual statement in a space that’s either empty or empty. -not good.

6. Display books on the mantel

Mantels are a wonderful way to display paintings, vases, candles, plants, clocks, etc. If you have decorative storage, your best bet for displaying it well in your home is to put it on the mantel. The books on the mantel may not be available and flexible, if you have a lamp and many beautiful books that you would like to show, why not show them in the main area of ​​the whole house? Throw in some decorative items to make your book collection look like a decorative item rather than a temporary storage space.

7. Keep the book out of the fire

No, this is not a scary call to action or an indication that you have a lot of books. If you find yourself living in a home with a non-functioning fireplace, you may have an excellent opportunity to present your book. Especially if your mantel is occupied by a TV, a decorative mirror, a large picture, or an ornament, I suggest another way: lighting. You often see a fireplace (or an unused fireplace) filled with beautiful candelabras or a collection of records, but this space can be used creatively. things (and works). Arrange the books in a deliberate, opposing stack and add one or two decorations for a unique look.

8. Replace them vertically

No furniture is necessary here-paper can create a visual effect on the floor, too. Place your favorite book under the windowsill or next to the baseboard to bring something unexpected to your home, office, living room, or entryway. Shape the spine to create a beautiful mess or turn all the spines inside out to create a cluster of edges. You will immediately see the creative power of your home transformation and your favorite book will be close to grab when inspiration strikes.

9. Use a decorative ladder

A ladder is a fun and interesting way to add an unexpected visual element to a room. They create height, and their frames are usually invisible so they don’t detract from the decor you put on display. Take the books off the stairs to add color and texture to your home and add unique ideas and storage to display and organize.

10. Drop under the seat

Source: Kelley Burnett Photo from Elizabeth Cara

Like the fireplace, the bench is a useful place to be careful because they can bring unity to things that have many changes. In the case of paper, the change can be length, thickness, color, or texture. If you have a chair in the hallway or at the foot of your bed, consider using the space under it to organize either a collection of books in different sizes or a vertical display of book spines. Interesting. An unexpected location will create visual interest and make your book stand out at the same time. This idea also works under the console table!

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