Beware: Red Flag Relationships By Zodiac Sign

Have you ever been in a relationship that seemed perfect when a red flag caught your eye that you never saw before (or were in denial about)? There were probably warning signs, but you didn’t recognize them at the time. That’s where astrology comes in. If you are aware of potential red flags ahead of time, you will be more likely to ignore or ignore them.

Although some signs get more hate than others (cough, cough, Scorpio and Gemini), it’s not black and white. Each sign has good qualities and bad qualities, and each has its own red flags. And knowing about those red flags can help you work on them and build a healthy relationship. Or if your significant other refuses to change, it can let you know when to run. In addition, it is not always the other person – you may be the one in the relationship that gives red flags, so you should be aware of the dark side in your sign, as well.

Zodiac compatibility is about more than just your sun sign, so it’s important to understand the red flags of your Venus sign or vice versa, since it’s the planet of love. And it’s not bad to look at your big three because those things are a major part of your personality.

We’ve broken down the red flags by zodiac sign below—including how to use them.

The red flag is from the zodiac sign

Aries: Struggles to control their emotions

Aries are quick to anger and can easily explode at a moment’s notice. They are always on edge and ready to argue about anything, even small matters like deciding what to eat for dinner. If their anger is not controlled, you may feel like you are always arguing or walking on a tightrope to avoid letting them go. Instead of reprimanding them, gently explain your point of view—both of you getting angry doesn’t help anyone. It’s harder to have a shouting match when one person is calm and collected.

Taurus: Strong

Tauruses represent bulls because of their strong heads. They will play their heels, which is a big problem when dating a Taurus, since all relationships require some level. If you find that you always go along with whatever they want to avoid useless conflicts (because they won’t back down), it’s time to make a change. Try to help them understand that relationships cannot be one-sided, and they will be a little flexible.

Gemini: Gossip

Geminis are talkative, so they tend to gossip. Although some gossip is harmless, such as discussing the latest movie Vanderpump Rules, this can start talking behind others’ backs. After all, the classic Gemini stereotype is that they are two-faced. And if they are telling you bad things about their friends, it is possible that they are doing the same thing behind your back. One way to do this is to not intervene when they start gossiping. If you stop discussing it with them, they will eventually get the hint. Or be honest about it and tell them you don’t want to talk about other people.

Cancer: protection

Cancer is represented by crabs because they have a hard outer shell. Cancers are often thought of as kind and caring people—and they are, but you only get to know them once. They may be around people they don’t know or don’t feel comfortable with. Or if you say something they don’t like, they may shut up immediately. Try to get them to discuss the issue with you instead of immediately going into defensive mode and refusing to talk about it.

Leo: Very focused

Leos are known for their love of light, but sometimes they can let it get too much to their heads. You may find that they put their own needs and interests before others or just want to talk about their problems. They may always seek support and back thanks. The truth is that although Leos can come across as vain or involved, it’s often a mask for their insecurities. There is a difference between someone who is proud and someone who just wants to hide their flaws. Help them recognize their strengths so they don’t feel insecure.

Virgo: Unrealistic values

Virgos are perfectionists, which is a useful trait to have in many situations, such as work or school. But sometimes, Virgos can carry out and make their standards so high that it is almost impossible to reach – for themselves and others. Nothing and no one can be good enough to meet their expectations. They can alienate people over trivial matters because they want their partner to be perfect. Learn to understand their eye for detail when it comes to things like cooking or planning, but teach them that they will meet you halfway in other areas of life.

Libra: Relationships

Libras always want to have a partner, so they tend to be social. They jump from one relationship to another. Of course no one wants to be the only return, but the big problem is that Libras do not learn how to be alone if they remain in a couple. If you’re dating a Libra, try to take it easy. Ask about their previous dating history to understand if they want to date you or if they will settle for anyone just because they want to get into another relationship.

Scorpio: Secret

Scorpios are mysterious, which makes them magnetic to date and admire. As a water sign, they are emotional, but they keep their emotions grounded. So even though they may interest you and attract you, it will be difficult for you to try to get to know them. Do little things to make them slowly reveal themselves. If you go directly to their fear and desire, they will likely shut down immediately. Once they open up, Scorpios are one of the most loyal partners you can have.

Sagittarius: It’s awesome

Sagittarians are fun, but they don’t always think. They’re always looking for the next trip and the big picture — like choosing which country to fly to next — but they skip the important details, like booking a hotel. They may end up losing a lot of money on non-refundable items, for example. Their influence can cause problems if you want to have a plan. Enjoy their heart and well-being, but take planning for big events, like a week-long vacation.

Capricorn: All work and no play

You may have heard the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a bad boy” – well, the saying is actually about Capricorn. It can be impossible to get Capricorn to relax. Even on vacation, you’ll find them checking their email or Slack. But one thing Capricorn likes more than work is scheduling, so help them schedule some time when they can put down the phone or computer and do something just for fun. For example, block time on their calendar for a dinner date or to watch your favorite show.

Aquarius: common sense

Being rational is not a bad thing, but Aquarians can get to the point where they are so intellectual that they can’t get over their feelings. They may have trouble expressing their feelings or they don’t know how to react when you tell them how you feel. It can also be difficult for you to read them or know what they are thinking since they can appear outside. Try to make them open slowly. You should also understand that although they may not be overly affectionate, they may show their feelings in other ways, such as by teaching you what they like.

Pisces: Good luck

Pisces are dreamers, which can make them get stuck in their heads at times. They may have a clear idea of ​​how they want their relationship to be and the reality may not be able to live up to it, leaving them disappointed. Imagine that Pisces expects their life to be like a Disney movie where everything ends happily ever after. Or they can be so caught up in the dream that they do not act. Learn to understand how imaginative and creative Pisces is as you try to bring them a little more down to earth.

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