Alo Yoga is having its biggest sale of the year

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Source: Alo Yoga

ICYMI, all the fashion and beauty sales that are in store for her, have been locked in their calendars, and it’s going down like Christmas right now. Enter: Alo Yoga’s anniversary, their biggest sale of the year.

Its second annual Alloversary sale, a five-day bash of all things Alo, includes site-wide discounts of 30% off new clothing, accessories, beauty and accessories products and deep discounts of up to 70% off original brands. land type.

If you’re asking (for a friend, of course), “How many Alo Yoga leggings are too much?” there is no such thing. Just ask Hailey and Kendall, the AKA celebs who have been spotted strutting down the street donning the brand’s soft and flattering skirts. But, of course, that’s not all Alo Yoga has to offer. From must-have sports bras to team-ups to your favorite yoga pants, head on over to shop and grab the new arrivals and favorites before the sale ends on May 5.


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