A step-by-step guide to having multiple orgasms

If you love a good orgasm, experimenting with toys, learning new techniques, or just looking for “something to smell”, multiple orgasms may be for you. For many people, having multiple orgasms makes the heat rise in the bedroom, whether you are alone or with a partner. It can be an exciting time to learn more about your body or experience different types of inspiration and pleasure.

The first time I had multiple orgasms, I masturbated with my first vibrator, and I had 11 orgasms in one hour. Shocking, I know. Honestly, I didn’t expect to have more than two, but each orgasm was satisfying and the more I had, the more special they got.

Although this is an exciting time for me, be careful not to be fooled into thinking that more orgasms equals better sex. For many people, one orgasm (or any!) is satisfying, and multiple orgasms do not make sex better. In fact, it can even make sex worse for some. If you are curious to see how your body reacts to multiple orgasms, follow this step-by-step guide.

What does it mean to have multiple orgasms?

Multiple orgasms are having more than one orgasm during a single sexual experience. They can be consecutive orgasms, or orgasms can be spread over time.

For some people, each orgasm is more fun and intense (that’s me!), while for others, each orgasm is less fun, or it can be unpredictable. his eyes for some, said. Dr. Jess O’Reilly and his podcast Sex with Dr. Jess.

While multiple orgasms are all the rage these days, you might be surprised to learn how many cis women have multiple orgasms. A study published in 2016 in Journal of Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology reported that only 11% of the cis women in the study had two or more orgasms. In fact, of the 11%, only half (5%) had more than two orgasms.

How to have multiple orgasms

When he came What having multiple orgasms, it’s amazing in itself. Not only do different people have more orgasms from different methods, but you may find that on Monday, one method works for you, and on Friday, it doesn’t, says Dr. Jess.

Although the best way to have multiple orgasms varies from person to person, there is a method that works well for most people. Here’s what to do if you want to have more than one O, for those with a vulva:

1. After your first visit, keep going

Although this may seem obvious, in order to have more orgasms, you need to resume stimulation at some point after your first orgasm. You don’t need to have sex right away, however, sometimes resting can really help. Contact may be too sensitive to continue sex right when you have an orgasm. Keep in mind, however, if you’re in a relationship, but you don’t have feelings for the other person, you don’t need to move on. For most people, having good sex has nothing to do with how many orgasms they have.

2. Add sex toys

For most people, having multiple orgasms is easier, more intense, and the sex toys are more enjoyable. We have a list of all products that make multiple orgasms easier. Personally, I may have more than one O-vibrator. Dr. Jess says on her podcast, “I hear from a lot of clients who find that if they add a vibrator after they’ve had an orgasm, it makes the orgasm more intense, and the orgasm lasts longer. , or leads to another orgasm and another orgasm.”

You can try vibrators, clitoral toys, g-spot vibrators, nipple clamps, or foot plugs. In fact, in a 2016 study, researchers found “Nearly half of the women surveyed are multi-orgasmic if they use almost continuously and their sex some toys and sexual aids, or if their love lasts more than an hour,” which brings. what is my point again…

3. Get…very…motivated

For some people, it takes a long time to have an orgasm, let alone a second. As the study explained, most people need an hour to have multiple orgasms. Take your time, don’t rush. You can even start with nudes, erotica, or taking pictures of yourself.

4. Motivates many parts of the body

“One way to try more orgasms is simply to change the method or method,” said Dr. Jess and her podcast. “If your first orgasm comes from massage, try switching to the g-spot at the first sign of your orgasmic contraction.” This can be especially useful for those who find that their clitoris is very sensitive during and immediately after orgasm. Not only that, but you can also stimulate different parts of your body, such as your penis, perineum, or nipples.

5. Change the process

“If (external clitoral stimulation) is the easiest way to orgasm for you, don’t do that first,” said Dr. Jess. “Do something different, like maybe go inside, or play with your finger or a toy in the g-spot, or dig with your feet and see if you can get yourself to orgasm. Then, as soon as you reach orgasm, you can take a break, or you can go straight into the stimulation and the way will improve to many. “This method can make it easier to get many O , since you are left with a reliable way to collect after your first acquisition.

6. Communicate

If you choose to have multiple orgasms with your partner, it is important to communicate. For me, it is difficult for me to orgasm with another person most of the time because I need this specific stimulation. Although some people may not need the right motivation like me, it is still important to communicate so that you can guide your partner to do the right thing.

7. Don’t focus only on having an orgasm

It is good to deliberately try to have multiple orgasms and use different techniques. That will probably help. You have to be careful, however, that you are not so focused on having an orgasm that you forget to consider how pleasurable the experience is. Not only that, but focusing on having an orgasm can make it more difficult to stay.

For some people, eleven orgasms are where the pleasure lies, but for others, one, or none, is the most satisfying experience. If you really want to have more orgasms, take the time to stimulate yourself, try toys, and change your routine. Remember to follow what you like, and more orgasms don’t equal better sex.

People call this “The easiest way to reach multiple orgasms” – So we try it.