9 of the hottest spring hair colors for 2023

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There is something about the new season that gives me a pep in my step, but this is especially true in the spring. When the weather starts promising sunny mornings and hot days, I get inspired to update my wardrobe (view), clean my house (view), adopt a new wellness routine (view), and of course, improve my eyesight (next! ). I’m willing to bet that your checklist is very close to mine. As we get ready to get the hair refresh that we all love to do at the beginning of each season, it is interesting to enter into what is popular-among those who celebs, actors, and regular gals (like me!). When talking to a hairdresser and a master colorist who learns what is in season, I know the joy and the eye and water hair color makes things look, and I think you will think the same .

Whether a little light around your face will make you feel like you’re having your senior spring break or you’re ready to be fresh, the best spring hair colors keep you in mind. Get ready for popular tones, colorful and low-maintenance options.

1. Bright Blonde Hair

“Living and color will always be in style, but this spring, it’s all about updos,” she said. Lauren Paglionicomaster colorist and discovery of LRN Beauty. Ask your colorist about the shiny hair on top and and roots. Paglionico added, “With this paint, you’re going to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, but it’s going to be worth it.” Yellow shampoo can help keep your hair from looking golden or yellow, so add one to your shampoo line to keep your gray hair looking shiny and fresh all the time.

2. Brunette Balayage

Balayage is a low-maintenance option that has gotten better over time, but now, everyone loves a no-nonsense look. This spring, Paglionico says go for “dark chocolate and milk chocolate finishes.” A gradual reduction is subtle while still speaking, and it is especially good for brunettes who have never dyed their hair before and want to try something simple.

3. Almonds

Sydney Sweeney does this shade well, so of course, everyone is asking for it this spring. Paglionico says that this almond shade will work with any skin tone, so don’t rush it if it’s not something you normally do. To maintain the color, make sure you use the right color hair shampoo and conditioner.

4. Blonde Coins

“Cutting money is a good way to start the transition (in the water) if you’re going a little lighter for the season or need more time to get ready to do it in full,” Gina Rivera, who -Hairdresser and founder The Phenix Hotel. Ask your colorist for a highlighter or lowlight in whatever color you want, but we find bright silver, caramel and red shades to be the most popular of the time. a.

5. Caramel presentation

Brunettes, we look to you to take this color to the next level. Adding caramel highlights all the time, like balayage, or like money, without a doubt, turn this water source. A hint of caramel shade mixed into your hair color will make you look like your hair is covered in sun on a spring break in Barbados, and honestly, what more could you ask for?

6. Cherry Cola

We know, we know, dark shades are usually reserved for fall and winter, but so what? There are no rules. Cherry cola is for spring, we ask no questions. Although this color requires some maintenance (visits to the Salon for glosses, root touchups, and hydration maintenance due to color treatment), it is beautiful every time and what we expect to see on celebs this season .

7. Strawberry Blonde

If you are strawberry white, I envy you. (Looking at you, Amy Adams and Isla Fisher.) IMO, you shouldn’t be touching your hair all this time. But if you don’t want to give this beautiful shade a try, now is the time, especially if you have fair skin since this shade will compliment your complexion. To keep your shade in pristine condition at all times, make sure you use products that are neutral in color. hair mask. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of losing the depth, sound, and light of your new life.

8. Copper

If you couldn’t tell, the shade of red is hot right now, and copper hair is here to make it stand out. Ask your colorist what shade of bronzer will suit your skin tone (and not ruin your complexion), whether that’s a dark penny shade or a soft tone with a hint of light. low mixed it all. To keep your color from fading, go as long as you can between washes with the help of a trusted dry shampoo.

9. Soft black

With the return of Y2K and grunge, this goth shade is in high demand. Celebrities and actors are asking for black but in a softer tone than we see. Don’t get it twisted though, it’s still dark as hell. Isn’t it like… scary? The shade of this child, unlike the flat and strong shade we saw in Veronicas like 2005, requires little care, so when the color fades, it looks more alive and natural.

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